A Mystery and Combo Layouts for Key West Beauty

Key West Beauty quilt variation

This sample quilt uses the Key West Beauty shapes and the shapes in the free Diamond Triangle Square shape collection for LeMoyne Stars.


Key West Beauty templates

One of the things I love about the new Key West Beauty shapes is that they are extremely versatile.

You can make dozens of different block variations with these shapes, so Monkey thinks no one would be able to solve a mystery before the final clue is revealed.

What do you think? Are you up to the challenge?



By popular demand, I have designed a new Inklingo Mystery Quilt and we think we can keep you guessing.

The mystery uses the new Key West shape collection (6 inch), so we’re calling it . . .


The Case of the Stranger in Margaritaville


The clues are intended to welcome strangers to the joys of printing on fabric with Inklingo but Monkey and I think they will help you enjoy using this amazing tool even if you have been using Inklingo for years.

A large majority of quilters asked for a wall quilt instead of a bed quilt and I think that is a good idea considering the number of you who are new to quilting or new to Inklingo.

If you prefer to make a bigger quilt, you can just make more of the same blocks.


Key West 6 inch


My instructions include detailed fabric requirement diagrams for the Key West Beauty 6 inch shape collection.

If you prefer to use the 4.5 or 9 inch Key West shape collections, you can prepare your own version of Monkey’s Cheat Sheet and fabric requirements using mine for 6 inch blocks as a model.

The 6 inch size is perfect whether you sew by hand or by machine. The mystery includes tips for printing, cutting, sewing and pressing these wonderful blocks and more cool Inklingo tricks and tips.

I will announce the fabric requirements next week, so you can be ready to start printing the shapes on fabric when I publish the first clue at the end of the month. Since it is a wall quilt, you might be able to work from your stash. (I did.)

The clues will be spaced a week apart, and will be similar to clues in The Case of the Secret Garden (COTSG), which are still on the blog (right side-bar).

The mystery clues will be free on the blog and I will keep the sale price of $20 on the Key West Beauty 6 inch shape collection until the first clue is announced.

In the meantime, here’s a clue you can use right now . . .


The mystery quilt uses at least one of the 5 combo layouts—but I won’t tell you which one yet, okay?

The mystery quilt is a delight because I was able to design it to take maximum advantage of printing with Inklingo.

There are so many cool things to tell you about!



The first thing you might notice about these two Inklingo Key West Beauty blocks is the fussy cutting but they are also interesting for the Combo Layouts.

Clue: Notice the beige shapes.


Key West Beauty Combo Templates

I can print Combo Layout 2 to get the 8 beige HST and the 8 diamonds for the two blocks above—by printing only one sheet of fabric!

The shapes can also be printed separately, of course, but I love Combo layouts because they use fabric very efficiently and they save time.


Key West Beauty Combo 5 templates

Key West Beauty Combo Layout 5 (above) includes ALL of the shapes for one block, so if I print 2 sheets of fabric like this . . .


Key West Beauty quilt blocks

. . . I can mix and match for two mirror image blocks.

By the way, I used one of the combo layouts in the free Diamond Triangle Square shape collection to print the background fabric for the LeMoyne Stars in the first quilt example at the top.

Combo layouts have awesome potential for scrap quilts too.


It won’t cost you a fortune to follow the clues all the way to Margaritaville.

I keep Inklingo prices as low as possible all the time. However, the prices are extra-low when I introduce new shape collections. It works like a kind of loyalty program because usually the only quilters who know about the new shapes are those who have already downloaded Inklingo and subscribed to the blog.

If you want to solve the Case of the Stranger in Margaritaville, you can buy the 6 inch shapes now for only $20.

Of course, you can wait until after the first clue is released and pay $25 instead.

Monkey says, if you are new to Inklingo, you might want to buy The Inklingo Handbook first and use the $10 coupon code when you buy Key West! That’s a great deal.

(A postage increase coming on January 17. Overseas is increasing from $25.50 to 30.95. I’m sorry.)


Key West Beauty Sample Quilt

This is not the mystery quilt, okay?

I had a blast designing several variations before I settled on the design for the mystery. I will share a few more of them on Facebook. Please like Inklingo on Facebook. (You don’t have to have a FB account to see everything!)


If you subscribe to the blog (top of right side-bar), you will always be the first to see the mystery clues.


  • Fabric requirements for the mystery
  • EQ project file for Key West & Variations


Holmes and Watson

I hope you are as excited as everyone else seems to be about the mystery.

If you know anyone who has not tried Inklingo yet, please let them know about the new mystery. The more, the merrier! It is a great way to introduce your friends to your favorite quilting tool.

By the way, if you just can’t wait to see what Inklingo mystery clues look like, you can browse through the Case of the Secret Garden (COGSG) now too.

Let the fun begin!

Linda & Monkey


New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Main Beginner’s Page There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

$10 Coupon! 9 Year Anniversary Special on the handbook

25 Signs YOU are an Inklingo Quilter

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9 thoughts on “A Mystery and Combo Layouts for Key West Beauty”

  1. This looks like a great mystery. Love the sample you posted- reminds me of Winding Ways! Can’t wait to get started and hope I can keep up- am still pretty new to Inklingo but love what little I’ve done. Thanks!

  2. What a tease you are, Linda. The quilt above is stunning. How could anyone not want to do the mystery? I’m on my way to your website to purchase the 6 inch Key West collection right now. Let the mystery begin!!

  3. This will be such fun – love, love, love this Key West Beauty collection!! The quilt you showed in this post that isn’t the mystery quilt is beautiful – it’s got fabulous movement, reminds me a bit of a Winding Ways quilt!


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