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Thank you for your order for Inklingo. Monkey and I have some tips to get you started.

Introduction to Inklingo

Introduction to Inklingo
This short video explains how Inklingo works.

I send a Welcome email to every new Inklingo quilter, but sometimes it is filtered into junk/spam, so you can view it on the website. 

"Love the ease at which the fabric is to print, followed your direction and it was a breeze." Joan in Australia

How to print on fabric VIDEO

Preparing the fabric sheets and printing - Clip from Live Video 07 March 2018 


1. Get the FREE Shape Collection

If you do not have the free Inklingo shape collection for Diamond/Triangles/Square (for LeMoyne Star) yet, you can order it, download, and print on fabric with Inkjet ink you already have in the next few minutes. Shop > Main Beginner′s Page

If you have never printed on fabric before, you should start now! You need a piece of freezer paper, a scrap of fabric, and an iron. That's all.

When you have printed on fabric once, you will see the advantages. When you print on fabric with Inkjet ink, the results are precise, simple and fast. 


2. Iron Freezer Paper to Fabric

Cut freezer paper 8.5 x 11, iron it to the right side of the fabric, and trim around the freezer paper so the fabric is the same size. (Use a lighter color than the red in the photo for your first try.)

Use a hot, dry iron (no steam) and press on both sides—the paper side and the fabric side. 

As long as there is a firm bond between the fabric and the freezer paper, jams in the printer are rare. Always wash fabric first to remove the sizing. Otherwise, the freezer paper is not likely to stick well enough.


3. Open the Bookmarks

If you are opening Inklingo for the first time, see Support > Download Instructions.

The Bookmarks panel should open automatically in Adobe Reader, but if it does not, please open it so you can find your way around.

One way to open the Bookmarks is View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panels > Bookmarks.

You can find your way around with Bookmarks, without even knowing the page number! How cool is that?


4. Scroll down

In the BOOKMARKS, scroll down to Catalogue of Shapes + THE SHAPES.

Click on the + sign to the left (a triangle on Mac), to open a list of more pages underneath. Click + beside COMBO 2, then + Diamond Triangle Square, then Color 11.

5. Click on the page for Color 11

Click on the page for Inklingo color 11 and look at the shapes. You will see triangles (QST), squares (SQU), and diamonds (DIA) drawn with lines in a grayish/purplish color, and the icon to the left of Inklingo color 11 in the Bookmarks with be gray instead of white to indicate that you are on that page.

The Layout of Shapes is 13 x 19 to give us maximum flexibility, but we normally only print part of the page to get exactly what we need on an ordinary printer (8.5 inches wide).

The description of the shapes is on the page at the main heading "Diamond Triangle Square," and the page after that shows suggested Custom Page Sizes. (These pages are used together.) Below "Custom Sizes" in the Bookmarks, there is a list of 20 pages with the shapes in 20 different colors.

Inklingo color 11 should show well enough on most light or medium fabrics and wash out easily, or at least not show on the front, so we'll use it first. You want to be on that page for the next step.

Explore the free shape collection and take the Guided Tour to become familiar with the way the shapes are organized.


6. Click to print

Get every advantage when you print on fabric with Inkjet ink that is already in your printer.

Click File > Print (or Control P, a useful shortcut). 

Dialog Box

Make sure Page Scaling is set to "none" in the print dialog box (above), so the shapes print the right size.

Page Scaling "none" might be called "Actual Size" or 100%. The terms vary but the meaning is the same.


Print Dialog box

NOTE  If you are using Adobe Reader DC, "Save ink/toner" must NOT be checked.


7. Admire!

The fabric will be printed like the purple fabric.

Notice that if you had printed fabric 6.75 x 9.75 instead of 8.5 x 11, you would have 8 diamonds, 4 triangles, and 4 squares with no waste—and that is perfect for LeMoyne Star.

The lines are very fine and perfect, and the advantages are clear: It is easier to cut on a line without any measuring, and it is easier to sew with a line to follow. Print on fabric with Inkjet ink. Love the lines. Quilt more!

When you see precise diamonds, triangles, and squares coming out of your Inkjet printer, we think you will want to print a sheet of contrasting fabric right away, so you can mix the shapes to sew two mirror image LeMoyne Star blocks for Tilde's Tiny Totes (free pattern). 

Now that you've printed on fabric once, you are ready for 3 tips in the Support > Quick Start Guide.

  1. Test Pages - Be confident that the ink will not show in the finished quilt.
  2. Custom Page Sizes - Use fabric efficiently by entering a custom size in the print dialog box.
  3. Layouts of Shapes - 8.5 inch printer, but 13 x 19 inch pages!


8. Explore the Inklingo Web Site

Many quilters do not take full advantage of the cool navigation tools in Adobe Reader, but the Guided Tour explains Bookmarks and more. There is also a two minute video at Shop > Getting Started.

If you haven't already, review CHAPTER 1 - THE INKLINGO HANDBOOK in the Bookmarks panel of the free shape collection.


The instructions for opening Inklingo are at Support > Download Instructions

There are answers to frequently asked questions at Support > FAQ, but please don't wait until you are frustrated if you need to contact me. There is always a simple answer and I am happy to help.

System Requirements Windows or Mac with Adobe Reader (free download)(or Acrobat). Inklingo will not open in other PDF viewers.  Mac Users:  See the note about Mac Preview in the download instructions.



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