Inklingo Colonial Garden Wall Hanging

Inklingo Colonial Garden
30.8 x 30.8 inches

Q. Is this 9 Dresden Plate blocks or Colonial Garden?

A. 4 Colonial Garden blocks.

Makes you look, doesn’t it?

(There are also several beautiful Inklingo Dresden Plate shape collections!)


Inklingo Colonial Garden

This is one Colonial Garden block, 15.4 x 15.4 inches.

Octagons make a nice change from hexagons.

This size can be sewn by machine and the setting possibilities are exciting!


Inklingo Colonial Garden

This is the same as the first setting (above) except that I replaced some of the Colonial Garden kite shapes around the edges with shapes from the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection.


Inklingo Fussy Cutting

The spaces between the octagons are filled with 8 kites.

My settings today have the emphasis on the kite shapes and that creates the Dresden Plate effect.

Colonial Garden looks completely different when the focus is on the octagons.


Inklingo Colonial Garden

This variation does not have as much intense fussy cutting.

I like to give fussy cutting some room to breathe. Sometimes fussy cutting can be overwhelming. The octagons in this version give the eye a place to rest.


Inklingo Colonial Garden


I will be sharing more setting ideas on the Inklingo Facebook page and here on the blog. I will also share a Colonial Garden project file to use in Electric Quilt and settings that combine Colonial Garden with Periwinkle Octagon shapes, so stay tuned!

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Inklingo Colonial Garden

Colonial Garden kites can be replaced with Diamonds Triangles and Squares from the free shape collection. (If you don’t have the free Inklingo shape collection yet, it is the best place to start!)


Lucy Boston Islamic Tile 1984

Lucy Boston’s Islamic Tile patchwork (1984) uses similar shapes. This is one of the amazing patchworks featured in The Patchworks of Lucy Boston by Diana Boston. It is one of my all-time favorite quilt books.


Kona Bay 1999 fabric for fussy cutting

Fabrics like this are ideal for Inklingo No Waste Fussy Cutting because there is no background.

Inklingo Fussy Cutting

With the right fabric, every shape is guaranteed to create stunning results.

Inklingo No Waste Fussy Cutting makes you look like a genius, but it is simpler than some quilters imagine.

If you need 8 identical shapes for each “plate” you need to print 8 identical sheets of fabric. (Pause to think.)

All you need to know is how to find the repeat in the fabric design along the selvage edge, so you can iron the freezer paper to the fabric in identical positions on the design. If each sheet of fabric is cut from the same part of the design, the shapes on each sheet will be printed identically. Simple. Smart.

You can also use Inklingo to print templates to fussy cut in the traditional manner and make Swiss cheese of the fabric, so there are TWO methods of fussy cutting with Inklingo!

No matter which method of fussy cutting you use, the key is choosing the right fabric.


Inklingo Fussy Cutting

I have written several articles about fussy cutting. This article uses Judy Martin’s Waltzing Matilda as an example, but it works exactly the same way for Colonial Garden.

Hexagon Quilt Design Book


The sewing and pressing instructions for hexagons also apply to octagons, so when you buy Colonial Garden shapes to print on fabric, I also add the Hexagon Quilt Design Book ($20 value, PDF download).


Print Inklingo shapes on fabric with your Inkjet


I will be adding more articles and quilt designs and the EQ project file for Colonial Garden on the blog in the next few weeks. Please subscribe (top of right sidebar), so you don’t miss anything, okay?

Colonial Garden is in the Shop now. The special low intro price is a great deal, but only until midnight tomorrow tonight. (Sale extended by one day, thanks to Russ’s kidney stone.)

Thank you for visiting. If you have any questions, please ask. I always answer as quickly as possible and I am happy to help.

Linda & Monkey

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6 thoughts on “Inklingo Colonial Garden Wall Hanging”

  1. Hi Judy,
    Thank you for writing.
    Unfortunately, Inklingo will NOT work with a laser printer. A laser printer uses toner, not ink, and it uses heat. If you put fabric and freezer paper into a laser printer it will probably ruin the printer because the plastic coating on the freezer paper will melt and create a mess that cannot be repaired.
    There is information about printers in the FAQ under the Support & Goodies tab on the website.
    Luckily, you can probably pick up a Canon Inkjet on sale for less than $50 and you can have more than one printer connected to your computer at the same time. Inklingo uses a tiny amount of ink, so if Inklingo is your primary use for the Inkjet, the ink will last a long time. I hope you can get an Inkjet and get started.
    If you have any other questions, please ask. I am happy to help.
    Linda & Monkey in Canada

  2. I bought this collection the first day it came out, love it! I sure wish I could find fabric like the one you chose for your blocks Linda, I’m sure you must have a bolt of it, I like the way it changes with each block. Inklingo makes blocks like a magician creates illusions! It truly is magic!

  3. WOW! You have completely WOWed me on this one Linda! Besides The Patchwork of the Crosses settings which are spreading on the internet like wildfire, I love these Colonial Garden Wall blocks and settings. The fact that you can replace the interior setting with the Free Shape Collection has gotten me wondering about endless settings for this block!

    So, we can actually mix and match blocks we’ve already made with the diamonds and squares from the Free Shape Collection with the interior Colonial Garden kites? Imagine the possibilities!

    Thanks so much!!!

  4. Love the wallhanging setting!!! I had fussy printed the fabric I used for the first Colonial Garden block and was merrily piecing those centres last night, wondering just how I’d set them. I think you solved that with this post. 🙂 Now to pick out the fabrics for the octagons and outer edges. This is just way too much fun!


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