Inklingo Colonial Garden in Electric Quilt

Inklingo Colonial Garden in EQ

You don’t need Electric Quilt to use Inklingo, but boy oh boy!—if you do, it is lots of fun!


Inklingo Colonial Garden in EQ

Colonial Garden is an old block (Beyer 411-10), but it was not one of the MANY blocks in the EQ block library—so I drew it for you!


Inklingo Colonial Garden in EQ

I designed a couple of quick quilts with the default fabric palette.

I did it very quickly because I wanted to give you the project file today, before the intro sale price on the new Colonial Garden shape collection expires tonight at midnight. ($25 is great value, but $20 is even better!)

If you use the fabulous fabric libraries in EQ from Northcott, Timeless Treasures and others, your quilts will be more exciting than my quickies.


Inklingo Colonial Garden in EQ7

When you print the shapes on fabric with the Inklingo Colonial Garden shape collection, the blocks are 15.4 x 15.4 inches, finished.

However, when you set the blocks into a quilt layout in EQ7, it will round up to 15.5. Don’t worry! It will still give you a good approximation of the quilt size for your layout and it is fabulous to decide on your colors before you start to print and cut the fabric.


Inklingo Colonial Garden Wall Hanging

Detail from Colonial Garden Wall Hanging (on the blog yesterday)

This design looks completely different depending on whether the emphasis is on the octagons or the kites. You can see the “Dresden Plate effect” in this example.


I will be sharing more setting ideas on the Inklingo Facebook page and here on the blog, including settings that combine Colonial Garden with Periwinkle Octagon shapes, so please stay tuned!

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Hexagon Quilt Design Book


The sewing and pressing instructions for hexagons also apply to octagons, so when you buy Colonial Garden shapes to print on fabric, I also add the Hexagon Quilt Design Book ($20 value, PDF download).


Inklingo Colonial Garden


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There are many more free Inklingo EQ project files on the blog too. (EQ tab above)

The special low intro price of $20 is a great deal, but only until midnight tonight. (Sale extended by one day, thanks to Russ’s kidney stone.) Colonial Garden in the Shop

Thank you for visiting. If you have any questions, please ask. I always answer as quickly as possible and I am happy to help.

Linda & Monkey

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