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Inklingo General Questons

Inklingo Computer & Printer Requirements

  • What kind of printer should I buy?

    ANY ordinary color Inkjet printer is fine for Inklingo.

    You can choose a printer based on your primary need, and it will be fine for Inklingo. If Inklingo is your primary need, you can just choose whatever is on sale.

    All ordinary color Inkjet printers and All-in-Ones print custom sizes, and that is perfect for Inklingo.

    OCTOBER 2017
    There are newer model numbers now for the Canon printers described below but very little has changed. I have used MG5420 and MG7720 and MX922. Jams are rare if you follow the instructions and the software makes it easy to set custom sizes. (No affiliation.) 

    TIP  When I was looking for a new printer earlier this year (2017), I called Canon Support for Canada (where I live) and they were able to tell me which model used the same ink cartridges. That was very helpful because I had leftover ink I wanted to use up. They also amazed me by telling me which store near me had the model I wanted on sale (Staples) at that time. I was very impressed. (No affiliation.) 

    For a few years (approx 2012 - 2017) HP did not include the ability to print Custom Page Sizes in the software. The printers were physically capable of printing custom page sizes but they did not include the setting in the software!

    The ability to print Custom Page Sizes is THE most important feature. It allows us to use our fabric efficiently.




    November 2012  The Caffeinated Quilter has written a favorable review of a Canon Inkjet on her blog.

    If your printer software does not support custom sizes, please let me know. There are a few workarounds I can suggest.

    There are step-by-step instructions for Printing Custom Sizes under the Support tab.

  • Can I use a laser printer for Inklingo?
  • What are the system requirements?
  • Does Inklingo require the Electric Quilt software?
  • Does Inklingo work on MAC?
  • Does Inklingo work on an iPad or other tablet?

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