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One of the many things I love about Inklingo is that it uses fabric efficiently and avoids waste.

Inklingo on Quilting Hub
There is a new article on QuiltingHub which explains two features of Inklingo that allow me to see at a glance whether I have enough fabric and how much I need to buy. That is a big advantage for me as a quilter and as a designer.

Fabric Power explains how Combo Layouts and Custom Page Sizes allow you to use your fabric wisely.


Two LeMoyne Stars with the Free shapes

For example, you can make two mirror image stars like these—16 diamonds, 8 squares, 8 triangles, by printing TWO sheets of fabric with Combo # 2 in the Free Diamond Triangle Square shape collection.

Very cool!

Free shape collection - Combo 2

Combo 2 from the Free Diamond Triangle Square shape collection on one fabric.

Fabric and freezer paper are cut 6.75 x 9.75 for a Custom Page Size.


Free shape collection - Combo 2

Combo 2 on a contrasting fabric.

Print, cut, and sew!

There are detailed instructions for sewing and pressing LeMoyne Stars like these in the free shape collection and there is a handy one-page guide on the blog for sewing stars by machine.


Inklingo No Waste Fussy Cutting

It is ironic that quilters who haven’t tried Inklingo (yet) sometimes assume that printing on fabric wastes fabric, when in fact, it is often uses less fabric than traditional methods and tools. “No Waste Fussy Cutting” is a good example. That is another article on QuiltingHub.


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Inklingo Colonial Garden


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