Inklingo Baskets with Pieced Handles

EQ Basket Quilt by Annika at Stof Genoeg

Annika at Stof Genoeg has designed several Basket Quilts using the new Inklingo Basktet Shape Collections.

She uses Electric Quilt software to make very creative use of Inklingo shapes. (Also see the EQ tab, above.)

I especially like this one, but I think you will want to see them all on the Stof Genoeg blog.


Inklingo Baskets


There are many fabulous ways to use baskets but some quilters hesitate because of the handles.

The new Inklingo Basket Shape Collections give you a choice—appliqué OR pieced handles.

There is a back-basting lesson on QuiltingHub showing how I appliqué the handle.


We think you will want to try the pieced option—even if you normally prefer appliqué.

  • Easier than appliqué for some quilters.
  • Simple preparation.
  • Curves that are easy to cut and easy to sew.
    (Rotary cut or scissors cut)
  • Design options include having a different fabric under the handle,
    so the basket can be full of flowers—or something else!

Printing the shapes on fabric gives us more flexibility and better results.

Even when I machine piece the rest of the basket, I usually hand piece the handles, but it is possible to sew the hand on the 6 inch Basket by machine.


Inklingo Basket Handles  Click for a larger view.

You can print the handle outline on the back of the fabric for back-basting appliqué or you can print three shapes on fabric to piece the handle.


Inklingo Combo Layout for Basket

Combo 4 (above) prints all the shapes at once (5 x 11) so you can mix and match for scrappy 4.5 inch Baskets.

There is a similar Combo Layout for 3 inch Baskets and for 6 inch Baskets.


Inklingo Baskets with Pieced Handles

Notice the matching marks!

Sewing curved seams is the same as sewing straight seams by hand with a few subtle differences:

  • Load fewer stitches on the needle at a time.
    Only two or three at a time is still faster than appliqué.
  • Stitches are automatically hidden in the seam.
  • Clip sharp curves.
  • Let the layers of fabric curl around your fingers.
  • Press both handle seams toward the top of the basket (photo below).

The same:

  • Pin one match at a time.
  • Perfect positioning.
  • I’m wearing a finger pincushion but you can’t see it in the photos.


Inklingo Basket with Pieced Handle

Hand pieced Press both seam allowances away from the basket.

Appliqué Tuck both seam allowances under the handle.

The pressing makes a difference to the appearance on the front.


Inklingo Pieced Basket Handle


  • Pinned only at the first match with a tiny bite.
  • Only load one or two stitches at a time.


Inklingo Pieced Basket Handle


  • Short clips between the matches.
  • Used a fine needle instead of a pin.


Inklingo Pieced Basket Handle


  • There are no extra pins to catch your thread.
  • The fabric curls, making it easier to line up the edges.


Inklngo Baskets with Pieced Handles

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Inklingo 3 inch Basket

I almost did not do this size, but the 3 inch Basket is so cute that it has become the most popular size so far!

No sissies here!


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Linda & Monkey

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3 thoughts on “Inklingo Baskets with Pieced Handles”

  1. Now that I’ve made some in all three sizes, I’m hooked. The 4.5″ ones go together in no time, as do the 6″ ones. The 3″ ones stole my heart though — they are just so impossibly cute! So much so that I think tonight I’ll pull out some other combos for the teeny-tiny baskets.

  2. I’ve been sewing the 6″ baskets with pieced handles and they have turned out lovely.Thankyou for another fantastic set Linda 🙂

  3. The matching marks make all the difference in piecing curves. I’m so glad I don’t have to draw them and figure it all out. How on earth do you do it?
    I love the 3″ size too!!


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