Inklingo Angels

It’s all about Inklingo Angels today, okay?

Snow Angels and Blog Angels and Yahoo Angels!

Snow Angel

Monkey is making a Snow Angel.

<sigh> I never know what he is up to. Oh well.


I think you will want to see what these Blog Angels have been up to—especially if you need inspiration to choose fabrics for the Case of the Secret Garden mystery quilt!


Sally In Malaysia

Cyn in California

Cathi in Canada

Driveway Barb in Texas

Pat from Florida



Kathy, The Dragonfly Lady in Nashville

Fabrics for Inklingo mystery

Kathy gives me stash envy!

Monkey gives me wardrobe envy.

Great scarf!

Isn’t that a great scarf for a Canadian monkey Snow Angel?

It’s all the way from New York City (via Shipshewana), thanks to a very thoughtful friend.



The sun is shining after the big storm and Monkey has his snowsuit on again. He is pressed up against the laundry room window.

Do you think he wants to go outside?


Monkey in th snow,

How can I resist?

The snowsuit was a gift from a generous friend in California many years ago. Who knew they even made snowsuits in his size?


There are photos of fabrics for the mystery in the Yahoo Group albums too. They are all great choices so far.


THANK YOU to all Inklingo quilters who have been telling friends about the Case of the Secret Garden Mystery Quilt. You are angels.

Will you be ready for Clue # 2 on Monday?

Monkey says it is a good idea to subscribe to the blog (top of right sidebar), so you don’t miss anything, okay?

It looks as if we’re going back outside. Good luck to everyone else who is digging out today. I wish Monkey was as good at shoveling as he is at making angels.

Linda & Monkey

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14 thoughts on “Inklingo Angels”

  1. Thank you, Sherrie. I have trouble hearing the snow plows coming, despite the cuteness of my ears. I rely on Linda to take good care of me. I hope you are having fun sewing tonight. Love, Monkey

  2. Dear Monkey,
    Looks like you had a great time in the snow. A word of caution. You be very careful and make sure you watch out for the snow plow. It would be very easy to scoop you up. Try to stay warm. Tell Linda I send my regards.

    Sherrie in Indiana

  3. I’m laughing about the neighbor coming over while you were having a photo op. They might be worried about you in the future and be looking out their window more often to check on the “crazy lady across the street.” And I LOVE Monkey’s snowsuit! Wish I could make snow angels with Monkey. But alas, here in Texas we just have 50 degrees and rain today. It was 79 earlier this week so I guess we can’t complain, eh? Can’t wait for Clue #2!

  4. Hi Marlene! It is nice to hear from you. I’m glad Monkey’s adventure gave you a good laugh today. One of our neighbours came across the street when Monkey was making snow angels. We stood and talked for a while, each holding our shovels. He didn’t ask and I didn’t tell. I wonder what he will tell his wife. LOL

  5. Please tell Monkey when he comes in from playing in the snow that he really made my day! I really needed a good laugh and it came the instant your blog opened.
    PS. My husband enjoys keeping up with Monkey’s adventures and loves his snow suit. He wonders if it comes in his size?

  6. I’m in Southeast Texas so we don’t have much snow. But somewhere on youtube (I think) I saw where someone was using snow to dye fabrics. They were wonderful. Just like Inklingo! I have not chosen to start the Mystery but I think I am being enticed by you guys!

  7. I hope Monkey had a nice warm drink waiting when he came in from making snow angels! Your backyard looks beautiful with its white blanket. 🙂
    I too have been rethinking my fabric choices for the mystery!

  8. Darling little snow suit, Monkey! It ought to keep you warm when you play outside.
    Today I have to reshuffle my fabric choices for the Mystery. I’m not totally satisfied I like the pile I dragged out of the closet. *g*


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