How to Write a Quilt Pattern

Monkey and I have been receiving more and more requests from designers who want to know how to write a quilt pattern which uses Inklingo, and how to adapt existing patterns.

That is great news for quilters!

Inklingo quilters know that when you print the shapes on fabric, it makes the cutting and sewing easier, so you can

  • finish more quilts


  • make exciting quilts which are too hard with traditional methods


  • both!


No one needs my permission to write an Inklingo-friendly pattern. Anyone can do it, and it’s easy!

However, we have some tips to make it ultra-simple, so we have been emailing a PDF to each designer individually for a few years now.

Monkey decided we would have more time to sew on the front porch if I just let everyone download the PDF from the blog, so that’s what we’re doing.


How to Write a Quilt Pattern (PDF, 5 MB)


When Monkey pointed it out, we realized that having this info available on the blog is helpful to:

  • Pattern designers who want to adapt pre-Inklingo patterns.
    (Easy peasy—embarrassingly easy.)
  • Pattern designers who are reaching out to beginning quilters.
  • Pattern designers who want to create exciting patterns which are too complicated for most quilters with traditional methods: Feathered Star, Storm At Sea, Clamshell Pickle, Winding Ways, Double Wedding Ring, Orange Peel, complicated appliqué, and others.
  • Pattern designers who don’t want to have to sell tools (inventory, shipping, etc.) but want to make more money.
  • Magazine editors who want to add a new revenue stream.
  • Shop owners who want to make their samples more appealing and sell more fabric.
  • Affiliates who want to provide great content on their blogs to increase sales.
  • Quilters who want to see how they can use a pre-Inklingo pattern.
  • Quilters who want to convince their favorite magazine editors and pattern designers to use Inklingo more!


Please send a link to your favorite designers, magazines, and quilting gurus!

This is a nice short one.


Designers might like to take their laptops out on the front porch to look at these links:

Yesterday’s Cheat Sheet is pretty good too.


You just might get what you want if you ask nicely.


Have you left a review on the Inklingo website lately? There is a button for Reviews on the left side of every product page. There are some reviews for Double Wedding Ring to get you inspired.

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Okay. We’re headed out to the front porch. See you later.

Linda & Monkey

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  1. I think Chipee has a great suggestion!

    I, for one, would love to see more patterns in quilt magazines that point me to the right collection of Inklingo. It would get me to make more quilts! Sometimes I just don’t “remember” that the shapes are Inklingoable, but in reality, I know most are.


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