Summer Vacation

Did you miss me?  I was on vacation yesterday!

We went to my sister’s cottage in beautiful Muskoka and had an amazing day.

It was a long drive north, but I took my SmartLap Portable Desk, of course.


I had fussy printed all of the diamonds ahead of time with Inklingo, so I was able to finish all the partial stars for the edges of my Kaleidoscope quilt.


I checked out all of the cottages on the cove from the kayak.


I love the kayak but you can’t sew and paddle at the same time.


Monkey stayed on shore.


Then we played golf on an exclusive private course. I bogied the first hole. Monkey is my caddy.


Hazard in the fairway. In more ways than one.


This one dropped right into that mason jar ring for a bird. I had two birdies in 9 holes.


Guess who won!—and it was Russ’s first time on this course.

That hole in one was absolutely legit. The club members were stunned. This hole is notoriously difficult, as you can see from the other scores.


Inklingo sponsored the winner and he managed not to gloat in the post-win interview.


We checked email several times during the day and were pleased to see a neat conversation about freezer paper on the Inklingo Yahoo Group, but no one needed Tech Support. (That’s a normal day. Hardly anyone needs help downloading anymore.)

The big on-line, off-lake excitement was seeing Cathi’s incredible Red & White quilt top on Quilt Obsession, her wonderful blog. Congratulations, Cathi! It is spectacular.


Monkey says goodbye to the lake until next time.

I hope these photos give you a good feeling about happy summer days. If you don’t want to miss anything good, you can subscribe to the blog (right sidebar). Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

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20 thoughts on “Summer Vacation”

  1. Thanks for sharing the pics of your vacation! We won’t be able to get away this summer, but seeing the pics from yours almost made it feel like we were all there with you! What a lovely time…..

  2. Monkey was smart to stay onshore…no life jacket! Did love the pictures, looked like you had a wonderful time, wish you had more time!

  3. Hey Parson Jack! This is fun! LOL I have not seen the Totables (Prep H) advertised on the Olympics yet, but I did have a tiny tube in my SmartLap, as usual, thanks to you!

  4. Congrats to all for what appears to have been a splendid day! I agree with those whose sentiments were within the realm of “you certainly deserve such relaxation.” Thought of you when I saw the first TV commercial I have seen for our little “Totables” on the Olympics coverage! A truly universal product… Peace, J

  5. Looks like a fun day! Glad it has revitalized you, although, I’ve never known you to be without. 🙂 Good score on the course. I see Russ still has skills despite the fact he hadn’t played there before. Sending hugs.

  6. I thought someone might notice that hat, Frummie! Those are limited edition hats made by my sister. Russ always wears one when he crosses the border to mail book orders in Niagara Falls. Sometimes people ask him what Inklingo is. I would love to hear how he answers. LOL

  7. We are still laughing about it, Cyn. He had to hit it just the right weight, up hill, hit a root, ricochet, and roll into the hole (ring of a mason jar). It was hilarious. One of a kind. We are still laughing about it.

  8. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures. It looks like a ridiculously efficient vacation: travel, sewing, kayaking and golfing all in one day!
    I am glad you got to enjoy it.

  9. Your vacay on the lake sounds wonderful. Glad you were able to get away. Did Russ’ head fit in the car for the drive home after that awesome hole-in-one? lol.
    Glad Monkey got to go, too.

  10. Monkey had a great time, Carol, without the kayak. I can’t remember anything he said, but I know he was very entertaining and went with the flow. Mellow.

  11. Such a wonderful, relaxing day! You all deserve a day off. I love how Monkey checks for email and phone messages while you are off enjoying yourself! Plus, you got some very serious sewing in, even though you can’t sew in a kayak. Thanks for the enjoyable pictorial! Do it again soon, OK? (I am using you as my virtual reality.)

  12. I wonder why Monkey didn’t go out in the kayak with you ? Humm.. looks like he preferred to stay ashore and finished up the wine. Looks like a wonderful day was had by all – collecting warm summer memories to see you through your cold Canadian winter!

  13. Hi Sara, Yup. You got it. It is a very small chair. You can get a better idea of the scale from the photo of Monkey with the wine glass. 🙂 We always have our eyes peeled for monkey-sized furniture (usually made for beanie babies).

  14. Looks like you really had a great time! But I was stunned when I saw Monkey in that chair by the lake, I thought he looked huge! Perhaps it was a very small chair?? 🙂


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