Encore Presentation of the Second LIVE Inklingo Video

Live Video sewing hexagons

Thank you to everyone who watched Saturday Night LIVE, Inklingo style.

It was all about hexagons.

This hexagon flower was sewn partly by hand—LIVE—and partly by machine. I also showed how to press it.

You can click above to see the “encore presentation” and you can scroll down to see a short clip showing how to press hexagons.

For about 5 minutes near the end of the live broadcast, there was overlapping audio (very annoying) but I edited it, so now it is easier to listen to. It is also a few minutes shorter and available on YouTube.


New video equipment

All of the equipment worked!

More RAM, new video card, 8 more USB 3.0 ports, new tripod, fresh rotary cutting blade.

There was PEBCAK—Problems Exist Between Chair And Keyboard. (That’s me.)

Live Video # 2 was a good learning experience. I am disappointed with parts of it but I know that if I waited until everything was perfect, I would never do live video at all.


Inklingo Live Video # 2

I look happy because the new RAM helped, so the audio did not break up . . .

PLUS . . .  I learned how to play a pre-recorded movie within a live stream. That’s progress!

However, I did not MUTE the movie-in-movie in enough places, so the audio played over me for about 5 minutes near the end. (Some of you thought it was an ad.)

I will try very hard not to make that mistake again.


Inklingo Live Video

Thanks to Google and Photoshop, I finally found a way to clean up the Inklingo logo in the top left corner. It drove Monkey crazy. It will look like this (above) in Live # 3.

Out of kindness, none of you mentioned how messy “inklingo” looked in the first two live videos. Thank you.

By the way, figuring out how to clean up a transparent layer in a png wasn’t easy. I was googling all the wrong things. The answer was much harder to find than new camera supports.

Yes. MORE equipment is on its way.


how to sew hexagons

When I watched the video afterwards, I could see the camera going in and out of focus on the extreme close-ups of stitching and pressing. That drives me crazy. I am sorry if it drove you crazy too.

The good news is that I think I know how to fix it.

I was very limited in where I could place the tripods and lights for the sewing and pressing sequences this time. However . . . I was able to order better supports online—at 4:30 am—Sunday morning. What an amazing world.

Goose Neck Camera Support

It gave me the giggles to realize that I could google a string of words like C-clamp camera support in the middle of the night and find something I didn’t even know existed—with a goose-neck <gasp>—on Amazon for only $16.

Free delivery by Tuesday. This takes shopping in my jammies to a whole new level.

I ordered two different ones for good measure and I’m considering ordering two more. Monkey says, Thank you for shopping at Inklingo.com, so I can keep funneling the money to Amazon.


How to sew hexagons

This part of the flower was sewn by machine. When we combine hand and machine piecing, we call it a hybrid.

When two audio streams are beating each other up and driving you crazy, I want to know about it.

I need a first responder who can get a message to me immediately—a sort of 911 call.

I am happy to say I have a kind volunteer and a message system set up for Live # 3. (Thank you, Donna.) When I make a booboo—and I’m sure I will—I will know sooner, so I can fix it sooner.

By the way, unless I wear a headset, I am not aware of audio problems  because I have to have my own speakers turned off while I’m streaming live. Also, there is a delay between what I am saying and what you are seeing on Facebook Live. By the time you write a comment, even if I see it quickly, the problem has existed for too long already.


Rotary Cut Hexagons

The camera stayed in focus for rotary cutting—and I know why!


I received some nice comments and emails about the pressing sequence for hexagons, despite the focus issue, so here are a few pressing moments (above), just in case you can’t watch the whole thing again.


How to press a hexagon flower

This is one of the diagrams in the Hexagon Quilt Design Book ($20 value, PDF to download), which is free when you buy any Inklingo hexagons.

Thank you for your suggestions for future videos. They are all good ones and I’m taking them to heart.

Fussy Cutting is the most popular request. I’m  glad I did not do fussy cutting this time because I want the video to be perfect for that.


Quilt Obsession Ribbon Dance Quilt

Cathi’s Quilt Obsession Blog – Correction! I mistakenly called her Ribbon Dance quilt Ribbon Flower. When you visit Quilt Obsession, you will see dozens of Inklingo quilts that Cathi has made since 2006.

Linda Swanekamp’s Blog – Visit to see her first Inklingo stars—by machine! Made with the Free Diamond Triangle Square shape collection


Inklingo Live Video 02

Main Hexagon Page  — good info and 4 more videos showing how to hand piece hexagons, how to machine piece hexagons, and 300 Pieced Hexagon designs.

Main Beginner’s Page (link from top right of every page on the website or in the Shop) There is a short, detailed VIDEO INTRO to Inklingo on that page. A great place to start.

Gift Certificates – I forgot to mention this. These are a popular gift for quilters. Any amount. Good for anything on the site, including postage. They never expire.


Inklingo Live Video

I think I can confidently say that we will have brand new mistakes next time.  I am learning as we go along.

I hope it was Time Well Spent, despite the PEBCAK, and that you will want to watch Inklingo Live Video # 3 with friends.

Thank you for visiting here and thank you for watching LIVE!

Linda & Monkey


7 thoughts on “Encore Presentation of the Second LIVE Inklingo Video”

  1. I enjoyed your show very much even with the sound issues. I will be there for #3 show too. I also learned a better way to sew Items together, by the way I posted my table topper on Face book. Go over to Orlie Severson and you can see it. Thank you for getting me back into hand sewing again.

  2. I watched the recap. I got a lot out of it. Don’t beat yourself up for any glitches. Every one of us that uses a computer, camera, or electronic device constantly is surprised by the misfires. I would rather you post the videos and not wait until every thing is perfect. Thank you for the video and posting my blog!

    • Thank you for understanding, Linda. I was so happy to be able to share your stars and then disappointed that the audio was bad at that time. I want to see what you do next too, okay?


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