Inklingo Live Video # 2 on Facebook Tomorrow

Our SECOND live video: TOMORROW, SATURDAY DECEMBER 16 at 7 pm Eastern Time on the Inklingo Facebook Page.


Print hexagons with your Inkjet

If you are interested in printing and sewing hexagons, or if you want to connect with Inklingo quilters, or if you just need a smile, please tune in.

What time is the live video where you are? You can find out at World Time Buddy.

It’s LIVE, so you can leave comments and if you send me photos of your hexagons, I can share them LIVE too!

All you have to do is visit the Inklingo Facebook Page. The video is muted by default, so you will need to hover over the video and click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner to hear it.

We love it when you leave comments live.


Tonight I recorded printing hexagons on fabric with my Inkjet printer, so I’ll be ready with at least 3 sheets of 12 hexies. I hope you can tune in to see what I do with these.

Russ muted the hockey game for 5 minutes, so in this video all you hear is the clip of the scissors along the edge of the freezer paper and then the chug of the printer.

“And the crowd goes WILD.”
(The Toronto Maple Leafs scored while I was printing. Must be good luck.)


Introduction to Inklingo

LIVE is different from my other videos on YouTube.  If you don’t know anything about Inklingo yet, this scripted 8-minute video will get you up to speed quickly.

The first live video was recorded, so you can still watch it.
Encore Presentation”

Please come and bring a friend—and some hexies—or chocolate.

Will you send me photos of your hexagon quilts to share?

It’s short notice, so please tell you friends. See you tomorrow!

Linda & Monkey


4 thoughts on “Inklingo Live Video # 2 on Facebook Tomorrow”

  1. Hi Whiskers,
    I just buy whatever iron is on sale at the hardware store on the day I need one. I do NOT use steam, so as long as it gets hot, the cheapest one is great. The one in the first live video happens to be a T-Fal Ultra-Glide 3456. It is probably 3 years old. When it stops getting hot enough, I will get whatever is on sale at the time.

    By the way, when I iron pillow cases, I spritz the fabric with a spray bottle of water (add scent if you like) and let it sit for a minute before ironing. It does a much nicer job than any steam iron. I don’t need steam for anything else.


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