A cozy evening with Inklingo Castle Wall

Inklingo Castle Wall Quilt

This layout is 72 x 72 using Inklingo Castle Wall 6 and 9 inch blocks together.

Thoughts of tropical blue water and lush green leaves help me escape from the latest blast of cold and snow (photos on Facebook).

Inklingo Castle Wall

It is fascinating to me that the same shapes can look so very different depending on color placement.

Inklingo Castle Wall Quilt

This setting mixes in some 6 inch LeMoyne Stars.

I was going to try this out with other 6 inch Inklingo blocks but Russ found something good to watch on TV, so I quickly pulled scraps from my stash so I would have something to sew.

Iinklingo Caslte Wall printed on scraps

The ironing board was already set up in the family room so it only took a minute to print everything I needed.

I only printed 3 sheets of fabric to get all 5 shapes (29 pieces). I love Inklingo Combo layouts!

I had already tested the ink in my printer, so I just guessed which colors would show the best on each fabric.

Iinklingo Caslte Wall printed on scraps

Another few minutes to rotary cut on the lines (no measuring), pour a drink . . .

Iinklingo Caslte Wall printed on scraps

. . . and stack the shapes for my favorite sewing sequence.

I was ready to sew before the opening credits.

Inklingo Castle Wall

This 6 inch block took about an hour and a half in front of the TV. Other than the corners, each seam only takes two loads of the needle.

When the seams are all the same length, a comfortable rhythm comes naturally.

Inklingo Castle Wall pressed

Then another 5 minutes to press.

It is relaxing and easy when all of the shapes for the block are printed with Inklingo, and I know everything will fit together perfectly.

There are many things in life we can’t control, but hand piecing with my sweetie gives me a little order amid the chaos.

A good feeling.

All of the cares of the day drain away.

You can get the same good feelings with Inklingo and start free!

Free Diamond Triangles Square Shape Collection

Please start with the Guided Tour and the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection. It includes the first chapter of The Inklingo Handbook. That and the Top Ten Tutes on this blog will give you a great start.

Inklingo Castle Wall 4.5 inch   . . . Inklingo Castle Wall 6 inch . . . Inklingo Castle Wall 9 inch


Monkey and I have already shared tips for sewing sequence, settings for Castle Wall Quilts, a free Electric Quilt project file and several other tips like pressing, but there is more to come!

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It was a cozy evening despite the frigid air swirling around our little castle . I’m going to check with Russ to see if there is anything good on TV tonight.

Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

5 thoughts on “A cozy evening with Inklingo Castle Wall”

  1. Love this beautiful combo of fabrics…my favs of blue (dh’s favorite) and green (mine) just reminds me of the beach at summer!
    Yeah…that’s only a dream now for sure

  2. Linda, my sweetie, JW, is the one who figures out if there is anything worth watching on TV too. I have little patience for such things. I love stitching my Inklingo projects while we sit and watch together. Such a comfort. My favorite of the Castle Wall combinations you have shown is with the six inch LeMoyne Stars. The colors you are using are beautiful.


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