300 Pieced Hexagons – ANOTHER New Size

Inklingo Pieced Hexagons

We love Pieced Hexagons and there’s a new size today!

Diamonds to Print on Fabric for Pieced Hexagons

Some quilters requested 1¾ inch diamonds and it sounded like a good idea to me too.

1¾ inch = 1.75 inch

All of the Pieced Hexagons I am showing today can be made with the new 60º Diamonds 1.75 inch.

The Pieced Hexagons are 3.5 inch (2 x 1.75 inch) on each side, and 7 inches across the middle from point to point.

Pieced Hexagons from Diamonds


You can make dozens of designs with the shapes in only one Inklingo 60º Diamond “shape collection” and there is a choice of several sizes.

The choices are summarized in 300 Pieced Hexagons under the Shop & Freebies tab on the website. (You are on the blog now.)

Pieced Hexagons

Diamonds to Print on Fabric


How do you know what sizes are available?

All of the 60° shapes are listed in several places on the website, especially under the Shop & Freebies tab:

Everything is cross-referenced.

Diamond templates on fabric

Love the lines! Quilt more!

No basting, no measuring. Just print, cut, and sew.

Pieced Hexagons

60º shapes fit together in a perfect puzzle.

60° Diamond 1.75 inch

Diamonds, equilateral triangles, half diamonds (triangles), and half triangles all fit together.

Triangle templates

Inklingo Diamond and Hexagon shape collections include partial shapes too, like this “half diamond” (triangle) so they are even more versatile!

Pieced Hexagons

Print a variety of shapes on scraps to mix and match.

.Print on fabric with Inklingo

2 x 0.875 inch = 1.75 inch 

60º Diamonds 0.875 inch are available too, and they are exactly half the size of these, so the two sizes work perfectly together.


You can see how we sew these shapes with a running stitch in the videos on the Main Hexagon Page.

A running stitch is the easiest, most precise, most portable method but if you prefer English Paper Piecing (EPP), there are 8 Good Ways to Use Inklingo for that too.

Pieced Hexagons


If you look carefully at these 4 red Pieced Hexagons (above), you will see that they are all identical—only the color placement is different! It is no exaggeration to say the design possibilities are endless!

300 Pieced Hexagons includes 336 designs and we could have added more.

Japanese Anemones


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Pieced Hexagons

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Pieced Hexagons


The new 60º Diamond 1.75 inch shape collection is at a low intro price for a limited time only.

$25 is a great value but $20 is amazing!

Pieced Hexagons are endlessly fascinating!

Linda & Monkey

Love Inklingo

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