300 Pieced Hexagons – Ready today!


Inklingo 300 Pieced Hexagons

We have put all 300 designs in a new ebook!

Inklingo 300 Pieced Hexagons

Whether you use English Paper Piecing or Inklingo, we think you will love having more than 50 pages of designs like this!

This eBook also includes:

  • my favorite hand piecing tips, including continuous stitching
  • my favorite precision tips for machine piecing
  • how to combine hand and machine piecing (hybrid)
  • tips for cutting several layers of shapes at a time
  • pressing diagrams
  • illustrations for pressing and trimming
  • line drawings of each design to color
  • 165 pages of inspiration

Print shapes on fabric with Inklingo

The ebook includes templates in several sizes which you can trace, but we think you will want to choose a size and use Inklingo to print the shapes on fabric instead.

How low can you go?


It is pretty amazing to have all this in a book for only $20 $10.

To get your attention, we have put it on the website at half price for the first few days only. That’s only $10.

Oh, my goodness!

Act now, before we realize what we’ve done.  LOL

What a perfect portable project for the summer!

Are you teaching Inklingo?


I heard from a quilter this week who was annoyed that she was in a hand piecing class at her local shop and the teacher did not mention Inklingo.

She found out about it on her own and she was disappointed that the teacher had taught her “the hard way.”

As she said, she expected her quilt shop to teach the best methods.

By the way, she was annoyed with me too—for not advertising more. They sold her stuff she doesn’t want now, and for what she spent she could have bought a LOT of Inklingo shape collections instead.


With that in mind, I am asking you to tell everyone you know about the new ebook.


It’s okay if they buy the book just for the designs without intending to buy any Inklingo shapes.

Facebook and Twitter

Post on Facebook, your blog, or tweet it. How about your other Yahoo Groups?

Please tell the quilters in your guild—online guilds and in-person guilds.

Tell your favorite teachers too.

They will thank you later!

Smart Shopper's Idea Book  Smart Shopper’s Idea Book


Do you think your favorite designers, magazine editors, and pattern designers know about Inklingo? Let them know too, so they can start designing patterns and quilts you can make with the shapes you have in your “shape stash.”

It seems incredible that after more than SEVEN years, many quilters have never heard of Inklingo.

It has never been mentioned as an option in lessons on The Quilt Show or Craftsy or other online video lessons. How can this be?

We aren’t complaining. You, Electric Quilt, Northcott Fabric, Timeless Treasures, and many others have been very supportive of Inklingo.

Quiltmaker, Quilter’s Newsletter, Quiltmania, Australian Patchwork & Quilting, QNN, and many designers like Bonnie Hunter and Pat Sloan follow Inklingo and have published reviews and articles. That’s wonderful, but none of them have included Inklingo as an option in their patterns and books yet.

Why hasn’t Inklingo been mentioned in magazines with patterns like Candied Hexagons and VariaHex? Oops!

Why haven’t any of the major publishers released books about using Inklingo? When the rotary cutter was new, there was a flood of new books. Inklingo is the best new tool since the rotary cutter. We need lots and lots of books and patterns!

We can continue to be patient or we can ask.

Don't be shy! Let's ask!


“Will you be including Inklingo as an option in your patterns/books? If you don’t know about it yet, there is a simple Quick Start Guide here.”

You know how to be diplomatic and polite. Movers and shakers like publishers and magazine editors welcome suggestions from quilters.

Maybe this ebook is the right introduction. Quilters who are used to other methods will love the designs and Inklingo can sneak up on them.  LOL

Have we been too quiet and patient?

If you don’t ask, how will they know what you like? 

Click on the video to play.

You can embed this video on your website or blog too.

Inklingo 300 Pieced Hexagons  The new ebook is here!

See you next time!

Linda & Monkey

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9 thoughts on “300 Pieced Hexagons – Ready today!”

  1. I think all the new tutes and use of hexagons are coming and the right time as hexies are all the rage in all kinds of crafts and design.
    If you want my honest opinion on “why”?…well there are a couple of reasons.
    1. many quilt peoples are very reluctant to do something that requires a computer and printer no matter how easy you have made it. I have tried over and over again to interest ladies in my quilt group and once I start explaining that it starts with the computer about 80% just tune me out. “I just can’t figure out stuff on a computer” is the gist of what they think and say
    2. Because I almost always use Inklingo for hand piecing they (even though I have even demo-ed it with a machine) tune it out…I don’t want to hand piece or it looks too hard with those tiny pieces etc
    3. since they already have had experience with EPP they just don’t see the need for learning a new way even though you don’t have to deal with the pesky papers and you only have to sew each part once instead of basting then sewing
    4. some have invested $$ in rulers and books using rulers and don’t see the need to pay for something that they can just cut with their rulers
    OK, I don’t agree with these “reasons” but it’s a hard sell to get people to change their minds even with all you are doing to promote how easy it is to use Inklingo…
    I tried to present Inklingo to a well known quilt book author who would be a wonderful person to design for Inklingo and her response to what I showed her was…
    I wouldn’t trust a printer to keep things from getting warped when they print…then she had us trace paper templates that we drew by hand. Talk about warping and stretching? LOL
    Sorry to be so long but wanted to explain my experiences.

  2. Linda, why don’t you try teaching a class on Craftsy? You are such a great teacher. I bet all of us would take it, but also lots of people who didn’t know before would learn about Inklingo. You could base it on the free collection and show how easy and fun it is. I just finished downloading the new e-book and cannot wait to look at it.
    Missy in Missouri

  3. Made my purchase already and sent on information to the rest of my quilt group! This is extraordinary, especially as we have all agreed to make hexagon quilts this 2014! Thank you ever so much.

  4. Wonderful , I am really looking forward to reading this but I am on holiday at the moment so I have made my order so that I can download and read as soon as I get home. I can hardly wait.

  5. LOL you asked why the people who designed Variahex f.e. didn’t design with Inkling in mind? Well, I guess it is because they have a shop and want to sell the paper shapes of Busy Fingers for it, as it is all designed with some of those shapes in mind. Just so you know!
    But I love to add your designs too! More variation in a Variahex quilt!

  6. I am hurrying right over to the site to purchase the Design Book. The pieced hexies are so sweet. I love to peruse each one and see what shapes needed, what the sewing path would be and what colors would make the coolist designs! Thank you

  7. OMG!!! My friday night brain can’t take it all in. Is it possible you have outdone yourself, outdoing yourself?!

    Everybody who likes VariaHex or Candied Hexagons or any other pieced hexagons quilt, should buy this book! It has everything.

  8. Wow!!! I want to make every single one! This can be addicting like the Dear Jane quilt. Hey, there’s more than 300 in here! Thanks Linda!

    Maybe I should go downtown and give the folks at Quilter’s Newsletter Headquarters some printed samples! Sheesh! You’d think they’d be on board with this in every issue!

    Count on me to spread the word.

  9. This Pieced Hexagons design book is so fabulous! While stopping the 300 pieced hexagons video to look at designs as they flashed by was a great hand/eye coordination exercise, I love having the line drawings to play with and can see I’ll be printing multiples of those pages! Here come the coloured pencils! :-))


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