Wednesday Tute 07 – Inklingo Pieced Hexagons


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Inklingo 3 inch Pieced Hexagon 

The 300 Pieced Hexagons can be made in several sizes. The 3 inch size is the most popular, probably because the shapes for all 300 designs are in Inklingo # 3.

They are not too big, not too small, and fun to sew.


Inklingo Pieced Hexagons


If you succumb to the addiction and make a few dozen Inklingo Pieced Hexagons this summer, what will you do with them?

Candied Hexagons places all of the hexagons together next to each other. It has been very popular. There is also VariaHex.

We have shown a few settings on the blog before. (Remember, the blog is searchable.)


Star of Constantine Quilt


Bertha Stenge‘s Star of Constantine in the Illinois State Museum is one of my favorite hexagon settings. You could use it as inspiration for your Pieced Hexagons.

Isn’t it a fabulous quilt? I can’t help but think that if Bertha Stenge had been able to use Inklingo in 1936 instead of whip-stitching, she could have finished faster and we would have more of her masterpiece designs to admire.

I have a long history with medallion settings. I designed a medallion setting for my Dear Jane quilt In Time of Friendship and for my Quilted Diamonds quilt, which you can see on the website. The Jane Austen Patchwork is also a medallion quilt.


Pieced hexagons are such perfect little jewels that I prefer to feature them in a setting with plain hexagons.

This idea appeals to me because some open space gives the eye a place to rest and allows us to appreciate the beauty of each design.


Inklingo Setting for Pieced Hexagons

If your Inklingo “shape stash” also includes the downloads for 60° Hexagons 3 inch and 60° Diamonds 3 inch, this setting works beautifully. Approx 66 x 66.


Inklingo Setting for Pieced Hexagons

This one is perfect for showcasing 30 Pieced Hexagons. I showed them all as pink stars . . .

Inklingo Setting for Pieced Hexagons

.. . but you might decide to use a different design for each one.


Inklingo Setting for Pieced Hexagons

Most of the interest is in the center in this setting.


Inklingo shapes to print on fabric

If all of the Pieced Hexagons are one star design like the first two examples (above), you would need 3 downloadable shape collections:

You can start with one download (1.5 inch Diamonds) to make the Pieced Hexagons, then get the larger diamonds (3 inch Diamonds) to sew the setting stars, and finally add the 3 inch Hexagons when you are ready to assemble the quilt top.


Inklingo Setting for Pieced Hexagons

I like the way the little stars seem to be shooting out from the center.

All of the Pieced Hexagons are identical (red and white stars), but the setting would work just as well, or better, if every one was different.


Inklingo Setting for Pieced Hexagons

Another advantage of using 3 inch diamonds and hexagons is that a 3 inch seam is a good size for machine piecing. You can see how I machine piece from crosshair to crosshair in a video on YouTube.


Inklingo Setting for Pieced Hexagons

There are 6 different Pieced Hexagons in this design. Repeating a few designs can be very effective, plus it is easier to prepare and more relaxing to sew.

There are many other ways to set 300 Pieced Hexagons. Monkey says this tute is just a teaser.


Would you like to catch up on all of the Inklingo Tutes for Pieced Hexagons?


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  1. Those setting ideas are wonderful! I like the idea of setting the pieced hexagons with plain shapes to let the pieced beauties twinkle and shine!


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