Wednesday Tute 06 – Inklingo Pieced Hexagons

How to Count 300 Pieced Hexagons

Counting Inklingo hexagon designs may seem like an easy thing.

Inklingo Pieced Hexagon

Count: ONE

Inklingo Pieced Hexagon

Count: TWO

Wait a minute!

Is this one hexagon or two?

Inklingo Pieced Hexagon

They are exactly the same!

Inklingo shapes to print on fabric

These two Pieced Hexagons have the same shapes in the same position.

Only the placement of the colors is different.

Inklingo Pieced Hexagons

Count: THREE ??

Inklingo Pieced Hexagon

Count: FOUR ??

I thought I knew how to count, but now I wonder.

How do I count thee? Let me count the ways. . . (or Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

Inklingo Pieced Hexagon

Monkey and I have at least 3 more ways to get a “different” hexagon, even without flipping it over to use the mirror image (above).


Of course, Electric Quilt is the perfect tool for playing with a design like this.

We drew this Pieced Hexagon in EQ for you, so you can download it and play.

Inklingo Pieced Hexagon EQ Project

Free Electric Quilt Project File for 300 Pieced Hexagons

Download and start playing!

Inklingo Pieced Hexagon EQ Project

TIP  Since this is not a square quilt block, the info on the EQ notecard is even more important than usual.


Would you like to catch up on all of the Inklingo Tutes for Pieced Hexagons?

Inklingo Pieced Hexagons


Stay tuned for an announcement about how you can get the ebook with all 300 designs in the original video.

Click on the video to play.


Thanks for visiting. See you soon!

Linda & Monkey

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10 thoughts on “Wednesday Tute 06 – Inklingo Pieced Hexagons”

  1. I seem to be having trouble opening the EQ7 to try. I downloaded it, but cannot seem to open it. I have recently bought EQ7 due to your posts and am just now learning it.

    I was trying to downloa your sample in Tute 6. Love this inklingo
    Thanks Vici

  2. Can’t wait for the e-book.Thank you, thank you Linda and Monkey we are so lucky.It’s like Christmas all year long in Inklingo land.Jeannette

  3. Can,t wait for the e-book.Thank you, thank you Linda and Monkey we are so lucky.It’s like Christmas all year long in Inklingo land.Jeannette

  4. This is so neat……
    Each week ! Tell myself I’m Getting closer to using Inklingo exclusively…… So many bulky projects to finish up first … they take up so much space….. Inlingo doesn’t ! That is the best part, … I think…
    A thin plastic bag or tote will hold a whole weekend/or weeks of piecing fun. No need to tote a machine on a trip, anymore.
    Linda, I’m so Looking forward to this as soon as the printer accepts my transferfrom my smart phone…… Bought a new package of Freezer Paper… and am going to iron one or two assortments of coordinating fabrics this next week. So exciting. Hope my computer helper comes over soon.
    Then, the new E-Book…… yippe, the full video is so lovely…….. my bed will be all covered with Hexie’s … Geometry was. Always my favorite math unit, personallyand my teaching years…. Just in stitches of excitment, Toni

  5. Amazing how different the design looks when the fabric placement is changed. Eagerly looking forward to a pieced hexagon E-book, that will be enormously helpful.

  6. 300 pieced hexagon designs coming soon?? Fabulous! So perfect for summer stitching — or stitching any time!
    It is such fun to see how different the same pieced hexagon can look depending on fabric placement.


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