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Please write a review for Inklingo.

$25 Gift Certificate(s)

  • Everyone who leaves a review between now and Thursday will be in a draw for a $25 Gift Certificate for Inklingo.
  • The shape collection you review can even be a free one.
  • One chance for each review, maximum of 5 chances per quilter.
  • You MUST own the shape collection you are reviewing. (I’ll be checking.)
  • The Gift Certificate will be awarded on Thursday, November 22, Thanksgiving Day in the USA.
  • There will be additional Gift Certificates if the response is large. Monkey likes to keep the odds of winning good!
  • There will be a bonus prize if there is a short review that makes us laugh.

There is a Review button like this on every shop page (left side, below Add to Cart).  If you need help finding it, please ask.

I get some great comments and “reviews” in private emails (thank you!), but it is even better to write something for the website.

How many stars do you give Inklingo?

What do you think other quilters need to know when they are considering Inklingo?

I hope it is a good day for sewing and reviewing at your house.

Somebody will win. Will it be you?

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

$10 Coupon!  6 Year Anniversary Special on the handbook

Inklingo for Beginners

Inklingo Quiz – Just for Fun!

8 thoughts on “Write a Review – Win a Gift Certificate”

  1. I think it is a great idea. I have not used it much, but what I did turned out just fine. I am still having trouble with my printer, it likes to jam. Hopefully, after the New Year I can do some more with it, maybe use my husbands printer.

  2. I bought the hexagon shape and it was just what I needed. It made the cutting and piecing of the baby quilt I am doing for my first granddaughter a snap. I have told all the quilters I know aobut the Inklingo website. Thanks so much for making my quilting life easier.

  3. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with the Inklingo shapes but what I have done is the most accurate hand and machine piecing program I have ever seen . Linda’s instructions are so clear that even I can understand them and I have a hard time since I am a visual person.

    If you wanted to leave a review for Joseph’s Coat, you would go to the page where you bought Joseph’s Coat:
    http://www.inklingo.com > Shop > Joseph’s Coat
    On the left side of that page, under the Add to Cart button, you will see a gold rectangle:
    Click for Reviews BY quilters FOR quilters.
    When you click on that gold button, you can see all of the reviews which have been left so far AND you can leave a review of your own. When it is published, your review will show your first name and city, NOT your email address.
    If there are a lot of reviews already, you may have to scroll down to see the “submit review” button. Click that, and you’re done.
    I have to approve every review because there are robots that seek out ways to leave spam in the reviews. As long as it is an actual review of Inklingo, it is approved. I do NOT remove bad ones.
    This piece of junk just came through while I was writing this email:
    “Pleasure is usually a aromatise a person strain at many more getting using a handful drops at your true self.” I get lots of this nonsense every day, so it is a pleasure when a review comes in from a real Inklingoist!
    If it is relevant, you can include a link to your blog or website in the review. It won’t be clickable, but it is still good.
    I have sent a quick email to everyone who has left a review so far. I will acknowledge every one, so you will know that you are in the draw. Maximum 5 chances, but I would love it if everyone left a review for everything they have!!!!
    If you thought you had submitted a review and have not heard from me, it probably means you did not click “submit review” or that you did not leave your email address.

  5. Inklingo is my favorite tool for making quilting easy whether it is hand piecing or using the machine. Having the lines helps all blocks come together most accurately. It also simplifies the piecing process as to which pieces go where. In addition the handbooks give a multitude of ideas for future projects. Thanks for giving us all this help!

  6. With the holidays drawing near…I started looking for some ideas for ornaments to decorate our tree. Always preferring homemade…AND being a quilter…it suddenly hit me that INKLINGO is perfect for making tree ornaments. Almost any of the designs can be adapted into tiny blocks…but my favorites are the tiny hexagons…little hexie flowers…all over my tree! After I’ve made a garden of hexie flowers…or poinsettias…I’ll start on tiny blocks. Maybe add some sparkly beads…and a shiny ribbon/cord…for the most dazzling, one of a kind ornaments! Keep them in stitches…and let the fun begin!


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