Willyne Hammerstein’s Flower Power – NEW

Snowdrop Anemones

It has been a wonderful spring at our house and I have been distracted by the flowers in the garden AND the Flower Power in Millefiori Quilts 3 by Willyne Hammerstein.

Flower Power quilt

As usual, Flower Power is gorgeous and intriguing. All of Willyne’s designs are.

However, we’re doing things a little differently this time.

Flower Power quilt templates from Inklingo

One difference is the size. In response to requests from quilters, the size is larger than the one in the book. Instead of shapes with 0.75 inch sides, these have 1 inch sides, so the finished quilt is larger too. (Details on the website.)

The cumulative difference between 0.75 inch and 1 inch might be bigger than you expect—and just perfect for you!

Flower Power quilt templates

Another difference: So many quilters already have the 60° Diamond 1 inch shape collection that I made this shape collection an “Add-On,” so you don’t have to buy the same shapes twice.

Templates for Flower Power Quilt

The shapes are a little bit different too. At first glance, the new shapes for Flower Power look familiar but the partial hexagon is bigger than a half hexagon and the triangles are a new size.

Some things are the same. The new shape collection is on sale for a special low intro price for a few days. 

I also add a Design Book as a bonus!

Print diamonds with Inklingo

Not only that, the related 60° Diamond 1 inch shape collection is available for a reduced price too! That’s a good deal if you want to add them to your collection, even if you are not tempted by  the Flower Power Add-On.

Inklingo garden

Some of you noticed how quiet I have been for the past few weeks. Most of the work I have been doing has been behind-the-scenes (website work) or out-of-doors but I am almost ready to start doing Live Videos again.

False Forget-Me-Nots

I have not forgotten about doing Live Videos. We have masses of tiny blue flowers (false forget-me-nots) in shady areas. My father loved Forget-Me-Nots. I love doing the live videos.

“Flower Power” is good.

Working in the garden has been good therapy. Some day, I might tell you all about the website work and changing my email software but it makes me too sad to talk about it yet. Eudora was soooo beautiful and I used it for email for 20 years. Now I’m using a different email service <sob> and I miss my beloved Eudora. Sorting through email is harder now but I will get better at it eventually.

There are new rules this year. Please subscribe and add linda@lindafranz.com to your contact list if you want to continue receiving emails when there is something new on the blog.

By the way, you have probably received many emails about the new GDPR rules. Inklingo has always been in compliance because no sensitive information (payment info, etc.) is entered or stored on my site and I never, ever share information. (Privacy Policy) You have always been able to edit the information in your account.

Flower Power templates to print

I guess Inklingo has always been a little bit ahead of its time.

In fact, this month marks the 12 year anniversary of the very first Inklingo shape collection.

Introduction to Inklingo

This short introduction to printing on fabric will get you started. There is also a short video on the Main Beginner’s Page showing how I prepare fabric sheets for printing with an Inkjet.

Here are the links again.

Flower Power Add-On

60° Diamond 1 inch

As soon as the rest of the behind-the-scenes Inklingo work is finished, I’ll be back with more live videos. Thank you for visiting.

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all our friends in the USA!

Linda & Monkey

6 thoughts on “Willyne Hammerstein’s Flower Power – NEW”

  1. I think that enlargement of the shapes/design is a very good idea. I love to quilt with Dutch Chintz and most of the flowers etc are quite large so I find it difficult to fussy cut. I am working on my Sharon Burgess table runner. No two is almost done. I’ll send pictures as soon it is done. Have a great spring. Birgitt from Germany

  2. Your garden must be absolute bliss to be working on – seeing flowers in the spring is such a treat after the winter! Flower Power looks like so much fun. I have so many stars I’ve made with 1″ diamonds that have been waiting for a setting and Flower Power is solving that problem! Although it’s awfully tempting to fussy cut/print for some special stars for this.

    • There are so many flowers blooming right now, Cathi! I don’t think our garden has ever looked better. There is always more to do outside (never “finished”) but the results are worth it. I can hardly wait to see what you do with your perfect little stars!

  3. We are working many hours in the garden too – not as therapeutic for me as sewing but the results are starting to show.
    I have been checking more frequently lately to make sure I won’t miss your next video. I m hoping for one that addresses curved pieces:)
    Have a nice enjoyable weekend


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