Wild is the Wind from Millefiori Quilts!

Wild is the Wind by Willyne Hammerstein

Wild is the Wind is one of the patterns in Millefiori Quilts by Willyne Hammerstein.

I think this is the PERFECT design for anyone who is looking for a portable project!  It is simple to choose fabric because you only need three.


Wild is the Wind by Willyne Hammerstein

This was my first attempt. It uses Marcus Fabrics Subtle Skies fabrics.


Wild is the Wind
These also use the third fabric (border) included in the center of the quilt.

What an eye-catching alternative to Grandmother’s Flower Garden!

Isn’t this brilliant? This is all done with only two diamond shapes!

They are the same diamonds used in Willyne’s Passacaglia quilt and are available in two sizes from Inklingo. Main Millefiori Page


How to Sew Passacaglia by Hand

Good  news! This design is NOT just for quilters who use English Paper Piecing.

The video shows how to hand piece Passacaglia.

Wild is the Wind is even simpler than the method for Passacaglia and there is lots of relaxing “continuous stitching!”


Millefiori Quilts

Wild is the Wind is only one of the intriguing designs in Millefiori Quilts!

You can see more of the designs in Millefiori Quilts on the Quiltmania site.


Millefiori Quilts by Willyne Hammerstein

More good news! There are still a few copies of Millefiori Quilts and Millefiori Quilts 2 available on my website.

Caution: When the Millefiori Quilts books are gone (the first book), there will probably be a delay before Quiltmania can ship the next printing. Main Millefiori Page


Clamshell with Passacaglia Diamonds

By the way, if you have been following the Inklingo Facebook page, you have also seen a clamshell setting that uses these same diamonds!

Passacaglia just keeps on giving!

There is another clamshell version on Instagram @imasavonasac


Passacaglia Diamonds

I would love to see what you do with Inklingo Passacaglia diamonds!


Inklingo Print on fabric with your ordinary Inkjet


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  1. I have just recently started paper piecing after having neck surgery and like it but this might be something to look into also


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