Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars!

Coming Soon! LeMoyne Star 3 inch

Last night I had some fun with twinkly little stars.

I cut out 336 diamonds for 42 fussy cut 8-pointed stars—and started sewing!

Last June, I started a shape collection for LeMoyne Stars 3 inch. A few quilters requested it and it seemed like a good idea to me because the size works very well with existing Star shape collections. Gotta love stars!

However, it is still not finished! I was distracted with other projects—like expanded 90° Hexagon 1 inch, expanded 90° Hexagon 1.5 inch, new 90° Hexagon 0.5 inch, new 90° Hexagon 0.75 inch, new Inklingo Star 9 inch, new Judy Martin’s Waltzing Matilda 6, 9 and 12 inch, Colonial Garden 1.32 inch, Passacaglia 3 cm, Passacaglia 1.5 inch, Inklingo for Quilted Diamonds, and on and on.  (All listed at > Shop.)


Marcus Fabrics Subtle Skies

Recently, I found a perfect fabric for testing little diamonds! Marcus Fabrics Subtle Skies was ready to print—washed and dried and folded.

(You have also seen Marcus Fabrics Subtle Skies in Wild is the Wind, when I used it for designs from Millefiori by Willyne Hammerstein.)


Print a window template

Finding the perfect fabric is a very important step—and sometimes it is the most difficult step too! I print on scrap paper and make a window template.

In this case, I like what I see!

Everything else is easy enough to do with Game 7 of the Stanley Cup semi-finals on TV, especially if you are only a casual fan. (Congratulations, NY Rangers.)

  1. Measure the repeat along the selvage: about 11.75 inches after washing (also less than 6 inches)
  2. Decide on a Custom Page Size: 42 diamonds in 8.25 x 10.5
    (Suggested Custom Page Sizes are included in every shape collection.)
  3. At the cutting mat: Cut Freezer Paper 8.25 x 10.5
  4. At the ironing board: Iron FP to the right side for 8 sheets along the selvage.
    Position each sheet of FP is over the same part of the repeat, so the sheets will print identically.
    Trim with shears around the FP.
  5. At the printer: Print 8 sheets.
    (Print on Fabric Best Tips is one of the Top Ten Tutes.)


Print 8 identical sheets

The ironing and printing go fast!

This method is called Inklingo No Waste Fussy Cutting.


Rotary cut rows, stack 4 rows and cut.

I rotary cut one row from each of the 8 identical sheets, stack 4 rows, and cut the diamonds apart. This way, they are already sorted into sets for me! Cool.


Ready to sew!

Ready to sew by hand or by machine! (VIDEO Kaleidoscope Stars and Lessons in the blog archives.)

Can you imagine how long it would take to fussy cut the diamonds for 42 stars (336 diamonds) with the traditional “Swiss Cheese” method? WOW! And how much fabric would be “wasted?”


Ready to sew!

This uses less fabric, takes a lot less time, and gives beautiful, surprising results!


Print on fabric with Inklingo!

I’ll try to get this lovely little shape collection finished soon, so you can start playing too!

In the meantime, there are lots and lots of stars to entice you. Main Stars Page. Sew by hand or by machine.


Inklingo Fussy Cutting


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I just realized that this month marks NINE YEARS since I published the first Inklingo shape collection. You can see all of the shape collections I have published since then in the Shop.

While you are waiting for LeMoyne Star 3 inch, you can practice your techniques on 4.5 inch stars too with the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection.

By the way, I have more than a dozen shape collections “almost” finished, so please stay tuned!

Thank you for visiting!

Linda & Monkey


New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

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9 thoughts on “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars!”

  1. Hi Cathie,
    I cut the rows first and then stack the rows as accurately as I can by peeking at the lines at the edges. Have you seen this video?
    It is an oldie but goodie.
    It doesn’t matter if there is a little bit of a shift because you still have the stitching line to guide you, but I think when I miss the line on the lower layers it is because I did not stack them properly in the first place, not that they shifted. Maybe you are leaning on the ruler when you slide it to the next cut. I think you should be able to start with two layers and work up from there. You could also use a hot, dry iron to “stick” them together if you need to. (I don’t.)
    I hope you will try again and let me know how you do. Cutting several layers at a time saves a lot of extra work!
    Linda & Monkey in Canada

  2. Such pretty fabric for your stars…I am sure Jane would have loved it!
    One question. I have tried the “stacking” method to cut out my printed shapes but alas the fabric shifts and even though I am careful to line it all up to start with it always happens that the lines are not in the right place which means I end up not having the correct placement if I follow the lines.
    I have resorted to just cutting each printed sheet individually but wonder if you have any suggestions to improve my cutting? I have watched your videos and tried to do as you show but just haven’t had the luck with me! I even try the “place the cutter on the line and then line up the ruler” when I remember on all of my cutting and it works nicely but alas still have the shifting problem.
    Cathie in Ut

  3. I can’t wait for the mini LeMoyne stars…count me in on mini anything please! The mini stars would be perfect on a border for a quilt, pillowcases or even for a decorative cushion cover!

  4. Oh please let me know when this set is ready….I have been sewing these 3 in. LeMoyne Star blocks using acrylic templates… and it is taking forever…..i can hardly wait.. I have just started using Inklingo and love the simplicity , accuracy and speed

  5. You certainly make it sound oh so easy Linda. I agree, the hardest part is finding the fabric with the right distance between repeats !! Your twinkling stars are lovely!!


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