How to Sew Passacaglia by Hand – VIDEO

How to sew Passacaglia by Hand

If you have been following Inklingo on Facebook, you know that I woke up early on Friday morning with “an idea.”


How to Sew Passacaglia by Hand

It was an idea for a video. Click on the image to play.


How to Sew Passacaglia by Hand

The kitchen became a Hollywood set.


How to Sew Passacaglia by Hand

I had to hunch over the pile of books and the camera to get the sewing sequences, so if my running stitch seems a bit slower than usual, that’s the reason. LOL


We’ve been so preoccupied with Passacaglia and Willyne Hammerstein’s Millefiori Books that we have not spent as much time on Quilted Diamonds 2 as the occasion deserves!

I will keep the special sale price of $15 on the new Inklingo for Quilted Diamonds shape collection for a few more days. Main Quilted Diamonds Page

There are FAQ about Quilted Diamonds on the blog.


Quilted Diamonds 2 book and dvd


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Don’t worry. I will clean up the kitchen this afternoon, so Russ can cook Sunday dinner.

I might have a nap first.

Thank you for visiting!

Linda & Monkey


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10 thoughts on “How to Sew Passacaglia by Hand – VIDEO”

  1. I have been reading on your site and watching your videos. I have been wanting to try sewing some of the hexagon for some time now. I have looked at several sites and then came across yours. I love your site, btw. I want so bad to stop sewing my bargello quilt so I can try making hexagons. Thanks for making this site. I think you and Monkey do great work.

    • Hi Karen,
      It is similar—-a Panasonic Lumix. Great little camera for video like this. I’m glad you like it. My nails were a mess from cleaning up in the garden, so I spent some time trying to make them presentable but the editing is the most time-consuming part. Very tedious.
      I hope you have a wonderful week with time to sew!
      Hugs, Linda & Monkey

  2. What a treat to find another video by Linda!
    I love having a video to see and hear Linda as she encourages and motivates/inspires anyone to be able to take up a needle and sew this design or any of the many others that are available.
    Because of the accuracy of Inklingo templates, I added on my pentagons in the third row as I sewed and then realized later that a ring of pentagons had been suggested in the book. But adding them as I sewed was so easy that I never tried the ring.
    I would never have ordered the book for these quilts if it had not been for Inklingo; it has made piecing Passacaglia a pleasure and no messy glue! With so many pieces printed ready to piece, you can have a large number of pieces ready to go and only need a needle or two and thread to go with it. It makes it possible that your go-to-bag is always ready and your handwork doesn’t take up much room for travel.

  3. I so appreciate this video. I’m on my third rosette and “accidentally” did the second one without sewing a ring of “C’s” and felt it worked as well or better. I also like the reminder to finger press. Am loving this!!!

  4. Another great video, Linda. I always learn something new from each one and they always help me improve my stitching! Thanks so much.
    Did I hear you mention something to Monkey about making another video for machine piecing???

  5. Great video Linda. You’ve made me a much more confident piecer with your excellent instructions. I think I’m ready to try my first rosette. Who knows, I may make the whole quilt. Thanks Linda.


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