Two Books x 2 Plus New Inklingo Shapes!

If I don’t tell you now, I will burst! This has been a very happy week at our house!

1. Quilted Diamonds 2
2. Inklingo for Quilted Diamonds
3. Millefiori Quilts 2 by Willyne Hammerstein


Quilted Diamonds 2 with DVD

1. Quilted Diamonds 2 is back in print!

It is in the shop now!

QD2 (book plus 2 hour DVD) has been sold out for several years but I am thrilled that I have been able to be able to re-print it! This is my personal favorite of all of my books.

QD2 really is a lovely book and I am thrilled with the work the printer has done for me.


Quilted Diamonds 2

144 color pages, glossy paper, beautiful sewn binding, laminated covers, printed in Canada (not overseas). Quilt books are rarely printed with such premium options or so many pages anymore. If you check your bookshelf, you will probably find new books with only 96 pages!


Quilted Diamonds 2 DVD lesson

When QD2 was published in 2004, it was the first quilting book to include a DVD lesson for the price of the book alone. No other publisher does it, even now. What was I thinking?

When I re-watched the DVD recently (2 hours!), I was very pleased that all of the information holds up even though it was filmed almost twelve years ago.

There are two small differences since Quilted Diamonds 2 was first published.

  • The first is that I always wear a finger pincushion now whether I am sewing by hand or by machine. (Video)
  • The second is that as a result of a big push to English Paper Piecing in North America recently, there are thousands of quilters who are looking for a simpler, faster and more portable alternative to EPP. The Quilted Diamonds 2 DVD teaches you everything you need to know about sewing with a running stitch–very important info for anyone in need of an “English Paper Piecing Rescue.”


Love & Friendship from QD1 Love & Friendship (QD1)

2. Inklingo shapes for QD!

To celebrate QD2, there is now a new shape collection with QD shapes!

It is in the shop now!

There are too many different shapes and variations in the hundreds of diamonds in the two Quilted Diamonds books for one shape collection, but it is very helpful for the shapes that repeat over and over like the sashing, cornerstones, and plain diamonds in the setting for Love & Friendship (above).


Millefiori Quilts 2 by Willyne Hammerstein

3. Willyne Hammerstein’s Millefiori 2

It is in the shop now!

I have been tracking the shipment across the Atlantic. The first orders will be mailed on Wednesday, March 25, from Niagara Falls NY.


I wanted to announce everything first thing this morning, but it is taking me longer than I thought it would to update the website because there are so many options and so many cross-references for Quilted Diamonds now!

Until today it was simple.


NEW  INKQD Inklingo for QD (PDF, shape collection to download) $20 (on sale for $15 for a limited time)

If you want the QD1 book (with or without the EQ CD) and the new INKQD, it is necessary to select them separately from the Main QD Page.

If you want the QD2 book (with or without the EQ CD) and the new INKQD, it is necessary to select them separately from the Main QD Page.

I hope you can find exactly what you want but if you are confused by all the choices, please come back in a few days when the Main Quilted Diamonds Page on the website will be improved.




I can fit two books (Quilted Diamonds or Millefiori) in the flat rate Priority and Global Priority envelopes through USPS.

Unfortunately, Canada Post restricts the thickness of flat rate Xpresspost envelopes, so if you order two books, postage from the USA to Canada usually costs less. I look at every order individually and provide the least expensive option.

There is never a “handling fee” and I refund the difference if there is an option which costs less than the postage added by the website.


All of the options for Millefiori and Passacaglia are on the Main Millefiori Page.

The special introductory sale prices on the Passacaglia shape collections end tonight at midnight (Eastern Time).


I just could not wait any longer to make this announcement, even though the website is not perfect. I’ll get back to work on it as soon as I post this.

This is just the bare bones! I will be writing more about Quilted Diamonds and Millefiori 2 when I catch up. There is so much more to say about these beautiful books!

Please subscribe to the blog (top of right sidebar), so you will know when the work on the website for QD is completely finished, and so you will know when new shape collections are ready for you.

Thank you for visiting!

Linda & Monkey

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5 thoughts on “Two Books x 2 Plus New Inklingo Shapes!”

  1. Congratulations Linda! This is wonderful news. If I could only have one book it would be QD2! Beautiful book and DVD….Instructions, Patterns, Inspiration. Perfect. And now a Collection? WOWZER!

  2. Quilted Diamonds 2 is a book I think should be in every quilter’s library – I love all the lessons throughout, the fabulous DVD lesson (which I still watch sometimes just because it is so beautifully done) and the sheer quality of the book. I remember when you first published it and I got my copy. I was lost for hours, just drinking in the beautiful presentation and the lessons.

    The shape collection is absolutely brilliant – it’s going to make it so, so easy to finally put the pretty little diamonds together. Love that additional shape that makes it easy to turn them into squares!


  3. This is GREAT news! Congratulations on printing Quilted Diamonds 2 again! My goodness, it’s a beautiful book, full of pictures, Jane Austen quotations, beautiful settings, and the DVD is ground-breaking! I love to watch you sew! The close-ups of the pinning and stitching, circling the intersection,
    pressing… it’s all there and beautifully photographed. I’m so glad you were able to keep the price the same as you had it when it originally came out.

    You are my dream publisher!

    Thank you for creating the new shape collection for both books too! Now I can space out my diamonds with sashing and cornerstones, or by printing plain diamonds to go between the ones in the book. So glad you’re doing this. I can make smaller quilts now and actually finish them! I’m thinking of a QD2 table runner… 🙂

    Congratulations! And thank you!!! You’re always thinking of us.


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