Sale Price on Millefiori Quilts Extended!

Willyne Hammerstein's Passacaglia

If you have been following the Inklingo Facebook Page you have seen several photos of Passacaglia rosettes already. There are some beauties!

You don’t have to have a Facebook account to see the photos if you click on that link.


The special sale price was supposed to end tonight at midnight, but it has been extended by one day.

The regular prices are great value but we all love sale.

Original size
Willyne Hammerstein’s Passacaglia 3 cm $20 (instead of $25)

Larger size
Willyne Hammerstein’s Passacaglia 1.5 inch $20 (instead of $25)

Combo with the Millefiori Quilts book + the Inklingo Shape Collection
3 cm Combo $64.75 + 5.75 Priority in US (instead of $74.95)
1.5 inch Combo $64.75 + 5.75 Priority in US (instead of $74.95)

They are all on the Main Millefiori Page.

There is never a “handling fee” on my site and I can fit two books in one flat rate envelope, so you save. For example, you could add The Inklingo Handbook too.


Willyne Hammerstein's Passacaglia

By the way, just because you have “liked” Inklingo on FB does NOT mean you will see my photos in your Newsfeed, so please visit directly when you can. I hope you LIKE and SHARE too.


Willyne Hammerstein's Passacaglia

Sew with a Running Stitch or English Paper Piecing 

I prefer to sew with a running stitch (above) because the preparation is faster and it is more portable, but if you like English Paper Piecing, you will love Inklingo for printing your own templates and SEVEN other advantages.

See 8 Good Ways to Use Inklingo for EPP.


Willyne Hammerstein's Passacaglia

Facebook only shows my photos to about 20% of the quilters who have liked the Inklingo Facebook Page, so the best way to stay up to date is to subscribe to the blog by email (top of right sidebar).

If all goes as planned, there will be TWO major announcements tomorrow, so please stay tuned!


Millefiori Quilts by Willyne Hammerstein


1.  Millefiori Quilts and the new shape collections for Willyne Hammerstein’s Passacaglia are at a special low price but only until midnight on Sunday, March 22. 

Main Millefiori Page

2. Quiltmania is having a subscription sale too! Details.

3. There are more photos of Passacaglia on the blog and on the Inklingo Facebook Page.

Thank you for visiting!

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

$10 Coupon!  8 Year Anniversary Special on the handbook

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