Stitching Curves with Inklingo

Life has thrown our family a few curves this Christmas, and we are more than ready to say good bye to 2009. Oh, well, we cannot control life’s curves, but we can do a great job stitching curved seams with Inklingo.

Machine Piecing Tips

Inklingo curves are easy to cut with a rotary cutter (no measuring, no templates) and easy to sew because there are precise matching marks and stitching lines.

Very little pinning is required when you sew by machine. If you haven’t tried Inklingo curves yet, you have a treat in store!

Inklingo Double Wedding Ring

To see all of the Inklingo shape collections with curves, go to the top menu bar on the web site:  SHOP > Shapes with Curves.

That page includes Apple Core, Drunkard’s Path, Double Wedding Ring, Orange Peel, Improved 9-Patch, Alabama Beauty, and variations.  (While you are there, download the free Double Wedding Ring instruction book too!)

Concave UP

Monkey’s Favorite Tip

Take advantage of the upward curve in the top piece! Position your left hand with the third and fourth fingers between the two layers and your index finger on top. The fingers between the layers work with your left index finger and right hand (with a stiletto or long pin) to align the edges.

Always stop with needle down, then align a short section, stitch, stop, align, stitch.

This tip applies for all curved seams. With a little practice, the pauses to align the edges are brief. You probably will not need to use any pins at all. Until you get used to it, you might like to pin the middle match and the final crosshair. Remove pins as you approach them.

FREE Illustrated Instructions

There is a four-page PDF (free) with illustrated tips for stitching curves under the Machine Piecing tab on the web site. I hope you will visit and have a look.

Passacaglia Give-A-Way

Don’t forget to enter! (Details)  You have until January 6, 2010. We have high hopes for the new year!

Linda & Monkey

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