Passacaglia Give-A-Way!

You could win a fabulous prize of fabric!

In celebration of Tilde’s fantastic Passacaglia Table Runner Pattern (free, see previous entry), and in celebration of Christmas and the New Year, Tilde and I are collaborating on a Give Away. (Monkey calls it a Give-A-Way, not a Give Away because Inklingo is a simpler new way to quilt.)

Passacaglia quilt block by Tilde

The Prize!
Win 0.75 yards of the two fabrics Tilde used to make her blocks. It is more than enough for 4 blocks for a gorgeous Passacaglia Table Runner, even with fussy cutting, à la Lucy Boston. How cool is that?

The fabrics are Stained Glass and Gothic Arch from the Mezzanine collection from Michael Miller. (No affiliation)

Christmas Eve to Little Christmas
It starts today, Christmas Eve.

This is the traditional day for gifts and Christmas dinner in my family and Tilde’s. You can enter any time up until January 6th, which is Little Christmas (Ireland), Three Kings (Russia), or  Epiphany (Finland, Italy, Puerto Rico, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden, etc.). It seems appropriate to mention all of these because Inklingo has spread worldwide thanks to the Internet.

Prize Fabric “Gothic Arch”

Enter to win for up to three chances!
1. First chance: Leave a comment here on this post.
2. Second chance: Leave a comment on Tilde’s Blog entry.
3. Third chance: Add the button for the Inklingo Projects Blog on your blog and write about the Give-A-Way. Please be sure to include the link to Tilde’s FREE Passacaglia Table Runner Pattern in your message. It is

Of course, Tilde and I must have a way to reach the winners, so be sure to give contact info. We do not share this info with anyone.

There are two huge, tall men (virtual giants, not elves) banging around in the basement this morning, installing the new furnace parts. Hooray! They are very nice guys and we feel lucky that we will have proper heat for Christmas.  They seem to be good friends, and we have heard laughter several times, so we think things are going well. Either that, or they think it is hilarious to see so much fabric on the tables down there. (Most of my stash migrated downstairs this year.)

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Linda & Monkey

75 thoughts on “Passacaglia Give-A-Way!”

  1. Inklingo is the cham that makes my quilting so much easier.. I use your techniques in the reminder to check my fabric measurements TWICE than again bifore cutting. Tilde patterns are so neat

  2. Thanks for this give-away. Would love to win. Tilde’s blocks are great! Can’t wait for my arms to get better so I can get back to stitching. Thanks again

  3. Happy New Year Linda!
    Lovely pattern. I just visited Tilde’s blog to see all her variations and they are stunning. Would love to use the same fabric for such a lovely result.

  4. How generous you are! I am so excited to have recently found your Inklingo technique and am so excited about giving it a try. Best to your Mom and her quick recovery and Happy New Year!

  5. Dear Linda and Tilde… Thank you so much for offering this give away. I would love to make this Passacaglia table runner.
    Happy New Year!


  6. I am so glad that I found your blog. I have wanted to make a Drunkard’s path for a long time, but have been intimidated with the curves. Your pattern is so pretty, Tilde. I will give this technique a try and hope to be able to make it for New Years.

  7. I love the tablerunners Tilde made. I have seen her work before in the Quilted Diamonds book and InkLingo website. The fabric you chose is lovely and very effectively used in these two examples. Thank you for allowing us to use your patterns.

  8. Tilde thank you for continuing to challenge us all and for your generosity. I don’t post often but I do enjoy seeing all your projects. Thank you!

  9. Linda, Tilde and Cathi you are all such talented quilters and an inspiration. I love working with Inklingo and get so much inspiration from all the projects everyone posts. Thank you for sharing everybody.

  10. Hello, Thank you for your generosity in sharing the Passacaglia table runner pattern! Tilde has used the loveliest fabrics in hers!
    Wishing you wonderful piecing in 2010!

  11. I was directed to this site from the scrapdash blog and am interested in learning more about your technique. We have been snowed in since Christmas day so I am really into the quilting mode right now.

  12. Thanks for doing this give away! I LOVE Tilde’s blocks and your Inklingo method that makes it so easy to do.

    Missy: id4umo (at) gmail (dot) com


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