Starry Path Quilt Setting Ideas

There are 3 sizes of Starry Path and they combine with other Inklingo shapes for spectacular effects.

Starry Path Quilt Setting with Yin Yang

Quilters responded to the mix of Starry Path 6 inch with Yin Yang 6 inch on the Inklingo Facebook page.

Cathi at Quilt Obsession has already started sewing hers WITH fussy cutting! (You’ve got to see it!)

What else can you do?

Starry Path Quilt Setting with Feathered Star variation

Starry Path 9-inch in Feathered Star 30-inch.

Starry Path Quilt Setting with Feathered Star variation

. . . and on point (turned 45 degrees).

(Inklingo Feathered Stars are specially designed to accommodate a variety of blocks in the center.)

Starry Path Quilt Setting with Orange Peel

Starry Path 8-inch really shines with curves like Orange Peel.

Starry Path Quilt Setting with Storm At Sea

Starry Path 9-inch is very cool with Storm At Sea too.

Starry Path with Dresden Plate

Starry Path 9-inch offers more delight with MANY variations of Dresden Plate.

TWO methods of Fussy Cutting

Starry Path Quilt Setting with Winding Ways

Winding Ways 6 or 9 inch work beautifully too.

Other 6, 8, and 9-inch blocks to play with?

The stars are fast, especially by machine, so you can spend more time playing with a design.

Starry Path Quilt Setting at Stof Genoeg

Annika in The Netherlands uses Electric Quilt software to design quilts she can make with Inklingo. There are several more innovative variations on Stof Genoeg. (You want to see this!)

Starry Path quilt block

Inklingo makes it as simple as possible—just print, cut, and sew.

Introduction to Inklingo

Inklingo makes quilting more accessible!

Please start with the FREE Diamond Triangle Square shape collection.

Starry Path 6 inch  Starry Path 8 inch  Starry Path 9 inch


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4 thoughts on “Starry Path Quilt Setting Ideas”

  1. Hey Linda,

    Oh I just love these ideas for Starry Path settings. Seeing these makes me want to make them all lol!

    But I will pick one out of these for sure.

    Have a great day.

  2. Ha, what a surprise, seeing one of my designs in your blog post. 🙂
    Thank you!
    I was thinking perhaps Starry Path looks nice with Cathi’s Tumbler Stars, too, but I can’t play with EQ right now… 🙁


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