Six Steps for You

Print on fabric with your Inkjet

I am thrilled with the new Six Simple Steps with Scraps PDF—SSSS for short.

SSSS is a concise guide for anyone who quilts.

SSSS is for anyone who:

wants a better way to explain printing on fabric to friends

wants a step-by-step for students in classes

wants ideas for a demo at guild

♥ has been afraid to print on fabric

has been procrastinating for years

has been Inklingoing for years

Yes, even then! There are great new explanations and examples for you too.

SSSS is NOT for anyone who:

⊗ loves mysteries and confusion

SSSS does not include a trail of obscure clues, just clear explanations. And a big photo on every page.

I wish I had written Six Simple Steps with Scraps 15 years ago.

I apologize for making you wait so long. You can get it now and make your best quilts.

Thank you for visiting! Please tell your friends about my new favorite PDF.

Go, go, go. You will be glad you did!

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