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The software you need for Inklingo is free—Adobe Reader.

Monkey interrupts!  Six Simple Steps with Scraps is a new Inklingo PDF.
It is at a low intro price but you need to act fast!

Adobe Reader for Inklingo

Adobe Reader is all you need to open and print Inklingo PDFs. It is a free download.

I use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat Pro every single day and I use Premier Pro when I create videos.

Adobe Print Dialog Box

Why do we use Adobe Reader for Inklingo?

Adobe Reader’s print dialog box is vital for Inklingo because Inklingo is all about printing! Adobe Reader gives us the print options we need—Actual Sizes and Custom Page Sizes.

Opening PDFs with a browser like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Mac Preview does not give us what we need but Adobe Reader is perfect.

Print on fabric

The new PDF Six Simple Steps with Scraps is a perfect way to learn how to print on fabric—no matter what design you are sewing.

It could be diamonds from the free shape collection (above).

Print on fabric

It could be hexagons (above, many sizes).

Print on fabric

It could be POTC hexagons (4 sizes!) for Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses.

Better Late than Never?

I wish I had written Six Simple Steps with Scraps 17 years ago when I introduced the first Inklingo shape collections because I think it would have made it easier for everyone to start printing on fabric.

The good news is that you can get SSSS today for a low intro price and be even more confident printing on fabric.

Learn to print on fabric (easier today) and sew your best quilts.

Print on fabric

I am a big fan of Adobe and I think you will be too.  They are the gold standard, imho. Photoshop is so fabulous that it has become a verb.

According to ChatGPT: This phenomenon is known as “genericide,” which occurs when a brand name becomes so popular that it is used as a common noun or verb, and loses its distinctiveness as a brand. Other examples of brands that have become verbs include Google (to search for something on the internet), Xerox (to make a photocopy), and Uber (to request a ride-share service).

Visit the Shop to see what you can do with Adobe Reader (free) and Inklingo PDFs!

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