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Celestial Star







System Requirements
Print shapes on fabric (or paper) with any ordinary Inkjet printer.


Celestial Star by Sharon Burgess

65 x 65 inches is 125% of the size in the book (without borders).


Celestial Star shapes to print on fabric

This Inklingo PDF includes the shapes for Celestial Star at 125% of the size in Sharon's beautiful new book. (There is a choice of 3 sizes.)

Inklingo shapes are named with the finished size. In this case, the sizes are unusual and difficult to measure with a ruler. For example:

100% Octagon 1.66 inch each side
75% Octagon 1.24 inch each side
125% Octagon 2.07 inch each side

The shapes in the collections are accurate to 4 decimal points but I rounded them to 2 decimal points in the written instructions.


Quilting on the Go by Sharon Burgess Book-on-paper

Celestial Star is the gorgeous quilt on the cover of Quilting on the Go by Sharon Burgess.

Quilters asked for the design to be made Inklingo-able, so they would have the option to sew with a running stitch instead of English Paper Piecing and Sharon graciously agreed. Her designs appeal to everyone!

Detailed, illustrated instructions for choosing fabric, sewing the units and assembling the quilt top are in Sharon's lovely Quilting on the Go book.  


Print shapes on fabric or on paper

Print with OR without seam allowances

Features of this Shape Collection (PDF)

  • shapes to print on fabric
  • diagrams showing how much fabric you need
  • shapes without seam allowances to print on paper or freezer paper (just in case you want templates)


Celestial Star by Sharon Burgess

& More

  • use a rotary cutter or scissors
  • combo layouts to save fabric and save time
  • optional layouts for different straight grain
  • precision corners and matching marks to make the sewing easier
  • ideal for fussy cutting
  • several of the shapes fit on Jelly Rolls and small scraps
  • choice of methods—running stitch or English Paper Piecing by hand, machine piecing
  • an impressive, unusual, intriguing design
  • complimentary 70-page Hexagon Quilt Design Book 


Celestial Star by Sharon Burgess

Love the lines. Quilt more!


It is NOT necessary to use EPP unless that is the method you prefer. 

Either way, if you have the Inklingo shape collection, you do NOT need paper pieces or acrylic templates.

You don't need acrylic! It is faster and easier to print the shapes on fabric (or freezer paper) with Inklingo—TWO methods of fussy cutting—and sew with a running stitch. It is portable, precise, AND fast!

On the other hand, there are 8 Good Ways to Use Inklingo for EPP if that is the method you love.

See other sizes and options. 

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