Remembrance Day in Canada and New Welcome Email

Remembrance Day in Canada

Thank you very much to everyone who helped me tweak the Inklingo Welcome Email that I shared with you last time. There is a newer version now!

I made several changes AND made it available as a web version too. You can see it here.




Some quilters told me they found the Inklingo website overwhelming. Gently, but firmly: Too much information for such a simple printing process. has grown and grown and grown since 2006.

I keep adding pages to the website and never seem to remove anything. Thanks to your feedback, I am seriously considering trashing several pages.

If it was up to you, what pages do you think should be removed?

Do you remember what it was like getting started with printing on fabric? What would have made it easier for you?

You can leave a public comment here or write to me privately at


Red Maple in Canada on Remembrance Day

It is a gorgeous November 11th for Remembrance Day. The anemones are still blooming! I went outside in my nightie to take a few photos this morning for Facebook.

You don’t have to have a Facebook account to see what I post there, but if you do, please check Inkingo on Facebook every day for fresh photos. Just because you have “liked” Inklingo on FB does NOT mean you will see my photos in your Newsfeed. Strange but true. I hope you will LIKE what we share there.


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I hope you will share your suggestions for the website. Thank you for visiting.

Linda & Monkey

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5 thoughts on “Remembrance Day in Canada and New Welcome Email”

  1. I would have to agree with Candi, but Debra makes some good points too. I’ll admit I was really overwhelmed with the information on your website when I first started researching Inklingo. I would read something, come back the next day and could not find it again…lol. But, as I said Debra is right in that too much info is better than not enough. Personally, I think it is more a matter of re-organization on the website…IMHO. Your new welcome letter is an excellent start! I look forward to finding things more easily!!!

  2. I like the wealth of information. Please keep the Jane Austen info. I will get to my quilt sometime and don’t want to lose the info. Thanks for doing what you do, all you do!

  3. Hi Linda
    No such thing as too much information. Sometimes I might have to search as my obvious location might not be your obvious location for that info, but a search will get me what I’m looking for. That being said for a newbie all the info can be overwhelming. How about a simple getting started…kind of like you get with your new computer just enough info to get you started. Including how to do a search, get info from you and contact the group…..we’re friendly, 🙂 and sometimes come to the same destination from a different angle which in itself can create a ‘duh’ moment.

  4. Hello Linda,
    Maybe there is to much info, but it does not bother me at all. So if you decide to change things or leave them as they are, it will not be a problem for me.
    Always great to see new things on the blog or Facebook. Love your pictures, thank you so much for sharing with us.

    Have a great day.

  5. Hello Linda,
    Yes, I do think the instructions could be simplified, they are somewhat overwhelming. On a personal level I have tried Inklingo several times but as I am not really a fan of small pieces I have not perservered with it. I do acknowledge that Inklingo is much better and easier to use than traditional EPP but I am more inclined to make a Jelly Roll Race quilt because usually, I want something yesterday!

    Love reading your blog and my emails and it is all stored away for when I need it – someday.

    Thanks for all the work you and monkey do to further the love of patchwork.



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