Purple Pickle?

Purple Pickle Dish Quilt Block

Inklingo Pickle Dish Shape Collection

Monkey and I are having fun with a few purple reproduction fabrics and the next Inklingo shape collection.

I am hoping to be able to finish Pickle Dish in April, but it is already the 25th, so it is going to be tight.  Yesterday, we reached the point where I needed some samples for the photos, so we printed and stitched our way through three Inspector Morse DVDs.

It was a great change of pace from being at the computer, and that was all it took to finish this block by hand with a running stitch, including printing the shapes. It has 12-inch rings, like the Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Shape Collection.

Detail of Pickle Dish quilt block

There are three different triangles—which are not actual triangles because one edge of each has a slight curve.

Detail of Pickle Dish quilt block

The arcs are a breeze to stitch either by hand or by machine. By hand, each arc can be stitched continuously. By machine, they can be chain pieced. We are also including a paper piecing template, in an attempt to be open-minded about a backward, upsidedown method which we have never mastered.

The curves for Pickle Dish, aka Indian Wedding Ring, are just as easy as can be with Inklingo stitching lines and matching marks on the fabric.

The Inklingo Double Wedding Ring Design Book has also been updated to include the Pickle Dish instructions. It is going to take a lot of self-discipline to finish the computer work, with these Perfect Purple Pickles tempting me.

Monkey cannot say Perfect Purple Pickles three times in a row—or even once—but he likes this design.

It seemed appropriate to use reproduction fabrics in this old pattern. Does anyone know where the name Pickle Dish came from?

Linda & Monkey

12 thoughts on “Purple Pickle?”

  1. Oh, noooooooo! I’ve been thinking about pickle dish for a long time but am now in the middle of waaaaay too much. Too bad for me. Mine’s gonna be in greens–I think pickle dish came from the cut glass pickle dishes great….grandma’s used–and all the little triangles were like those pieces of crystal. At least that’s what I always thought.

  2. That is a great block! Any chance that it will be available as an add-on to the double wedding ring? Since the melons and stuff should be the same size??? Even if it isn’t that one may be just too tempting to put off.

  3. Beautiful block, Linda! That design reminds me of the cut glass dishes Mom always served pickles in, and now I have a couple of her dishes in my china cabinet.

  4. Beautiful! I don’t know how Pickle Dish got its name either, but it reminds me of a little bowl with cut glass sides. Maybe somebody used a dish like that for pickles way back when, and the name stuck.

    You are amazing, Linda!

  5. Oh Linda!!! This is the one I have wanted! I can’t wait.. Is there a chance that you can size this to be compatible with some of the fancy dresden plate designs? there is a lovely pattern in Fons & Porter magazine, September/October 2008 called “Mariner’s in a Pickle”, page 76, and it combines a pickle dish with mariner’s compass blocks. I thought it would be lovely with some of the dresden plate patterns, but the circles would have to be the same size.

  6. OH so lovely and I am not even a purple person but I do love reproduction fabrics!
    This link doesn’t mention how the Pickle dish got it’s name but it is interesting any way about the Double Wedding Ring pattern and has some great photos further down the article of the Pickle dish

  7. Dear Linda,
    I can’t keep up with you…LOL
    Please send me the pickle dish. I am having so much fun doing the quilt from American Patchwork and Quilting, HONEYCOMB STARS, that I think I will actually finish it in record time. The poor people without INKLINGO are probable still using the templates on 810 1″ diamonds and 67 2″ hexes. Poor people. Charlie cut them all out for me…what a man.


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