Your First Inklingo Project

“It sounded too good to be true. Now I don’t want to make anything without Inklingo!” 

“I had to “gear myself up” to that first time printing—and now cannot imagine how I lived without this.”

Monkey and I love hearing from Inklingoists!

Jane White in Arizona gave me permission to tell you about her very first Inklingo project.

She was making HST (half squre triangles) called Sawtooth Squares.

This is what she wrote to the Inklingo Yahoo group:

“Last week I purchased the half-square triangle package and it has changed my quilting life.

I’ve been working on a scrappy king-size bedspread consisting of approximately 1700 square triangles. Don’t ask why because I can’t remember. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Until Inklingo the process was slow, tedious and unpleasant.

1. Cut 2 ½” strips (I oversized them for accuracy)
2. Cut strips into 2 ½” squares
3. Put a light and a dark right sides together and draw a line on the diagonal
4. Sew ¼” from the line and turn around and do the same on the other side
5. Cut triangles apart and press
6. Go to the cutting board and trim down to 2” with the rotary cutter.
8. FINALLY I end up with two usable blocks.


Enter Inklingo. The background of the quilt is a hodgepodge of light neutrals, so I printed several pages on the lights.

Now I dig to the scrap bag and cut however many pairs will fit on the scrap.

Inklingo is marvelous for scrappy quilts because of the ease of using small pieces which returns a great variety of fabrics. The more, the better.

That’s a very long-winded explanation, but you can tell I’m excited. Oh yeah, one other thing — I LOVE cutting the squares with scissors. So much easier on my shoulders than the rotary cutter.

Thank you, Linda, for inventing this wonderful system.”

$20 collection FREE  Monkey and I are so sure you will love Inklingo when you try it, that we made one shape collection FREE, and it includes one size of half square triangle (HST), so you can see what Jane is talking about.

There are Triangle Tips on the web site (under the Machine Piecing tab) and this  3-minute video was made for you too.

Yes, the shape collection really is free ($20 value), and your privacy is protected. Your e-mail address is not shared.

These pinwheels were made by Mary in Wisconsin with Inklingo HST.

You can see more quilts by Mary and other Inklingo quilters on the Inklingo Projects Blog. There is a list of Inklingo collections in the sidebar there, so you can click to see some of the things quilters have made with the free shape collection, HST, or  any other collection.

Jane says Inklingo changed her quilting life. Are you ready yet?  Quick Start

Are you already an Inklingoist? Monkey and I would love to know how you got started and share your story. What you would you say to a quilter who is hesitant to print that first piece of fabric?

Linda & Monkey

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  1. Thanks for the great story and I can relate to the “too good to be true” and this had got to be more complicated than the assembly line way but low and behold it is a wonderful method.


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