Yin Yang 9 inch PDF


Print on fabric to hand piece Yin Yang 9-inch quilt blocks to feature curves in any quilt. Use with any other 9-inch blocks.

Sew by hand with stitching lines and matching marks printed on the fabric.

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Yin Yang 9-inch  is an impressive, unusual design that is rarely seen in a quilt show. Printing on fabric makes these curves possible by hand.

System Requirements – Windows or Mac with Adobe Reader (not a phone or tablet) and any ordinary color Inkjet printer or all-in-one.

print Yin Yang quilt template on fabric for quilt

Yin Yang 9-inch uses one shape, one size.

Can you imagine cutting and sewing this shape without Inklingo?

print Yin Yang quilt template on fabric for quilt

Print Yin Yang 9-inch shapes on fabric with your Inkjet

The shapes are laid out to use fabric efficiently. Use a rotary cutter or scissors.

Just print, cut, and sew! This is an impressive, unusual design that you rarely see in a quilt show.

Features of this Shape Collection (PDF)

  • one shape to print on fabric
  • notes about fabric selection
  • my favorite tips for sewing curves by hand
  • notes about pressing
  • diagrams showing how much fabric you need
  • worksheets to help you plan a quilt
  • shape without seam allowances to print on freezer paper (just in case you want templates)

& More

  • use a rotary cutter or scissors
  • ideal for small scraps
  • choice of layouts
  • great for fussy cutting (fussy printing)
  • fits perfectly wherever you need a 9-inch block
  • EQ7 Project File available on the All About Inklingo blog

There are two methods of fussy cutting with Inklingo. Yin Yang is an ideal candidate.

NOTE The curves tend to shrink the block so it finishes slightly less than 9 inches. I have also provided the same shapes enlarged a little bit to compensate. If your blocks seem to finish a little bit small to fit with other 9-inch blocks, use the layouts with the enlarged shape.

Love the lines. Quilt more!

Design Inspiration

There is also Design Inspiration on the pages for 6-inch Yin Yang and 8-inch Yin Yang.

Yin Yang 9-inch fits perfectly with Feathered Star 30-inch.

Yin Yang with large print creates a pleasing scrappy look.

Two fabric/two color Yin Yang looks very graceful.


Yin Yang 9-inch fits perfectly with Feathered Star 30-inch.

Yin Yang in Electric Quilt


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