Patriotic 5-Pointed Stars

patriotic 5-pointed star

I’m Canadian but I still had fun sewing this patriotic 5-pointed star, thinking how much fun this would be for all my friends in the USA.

I did not have stars and stripes in my stash. but I could not wait to share this with you before the sale price ends on the new 5-pointed Star shape collection.

patriotic 5-pointed star

This is it with perfect fabrics.

print 5-pointed stars on fabric

I just needed to print on scraps to get everything I needed.

I printed 4 kites on 3 x 6-inch scraps of red and blue fabric. When you do this, be sure to orient the stripes the way you prefer.

print for 5-pointed stars

If I was making a lot of these, I would print the layouts for half-kites in the 5-pointed Star shape collection but I only needed one of each. Instead of printing one little shape on a tiny scrap of each fabric, I decided to print an extra kite in each fabric and trim.

I drew a line down the middle of one of the kites and sewed along it to get the two halves. Then I trimmed the excess. (I had to be careful to trim the correct side.)

Patriotic 5-Pointed Stars

patriotic 5-pointed star

Every star can be turned for a different look, so pay attention if you want it oriented one way or another, or gently blowing in the breeze.

patriotic 5-pointed star

Monkey says this would be a cute idea for July 4th picnic quilts and coasters, when everyone is singing Yankee Doodle.

Yankee Doodle went to town
A-sewing all her fabric
She printed stripes and printed stars
And called it patriotic

Yankee Doodle, print it up
Yankee Doodle dandy
Start Inklingo step-by-step
With freezer paper handy!

Cathi's 5-pointed stars

For Canadians like Cathi and me, scrappy fabrics are the answer. Aren’t these fabulous?

Cathi (Quilt Obsession) gave me permission to share her stars. (Thank you, Cathi!)

“These are four little 5-point stars I’ve made so far with scraps of Fassett fabrics and batiks from making masks. I’m thinking of calling it my COVID quilt but I’m thinking I may not really want to remember it that well!

“I’ve picked out scraps for 30 blocks, so this won’t be a large quilt at all — or so I’m thinking right now. I do have some scraps that would be perfect for back-basting but I hate the idea of losing the perfect sharp points.”

Cathi and I are both big fans of circling the intersection to get perfect points.

Don’t miss out! The super-low Sale Price on the 5-pointed Star shape collection disappears tomorrow night at midnight, okay?

No matter what your nationality, thank you for visiting today.

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