October 2012

How beautifully leaves grow old. 

How full of light and color are their last days. 

~John Burroughs

This is the view from my window on October 1, 2012.

I was glad to see the last of September this year!

In August, I was looking forward to September with excitement because I was expecting visits from quilters from The Netherlands and Australia.

The visits were lovely, but it was bad timing because of a death in the immediate family. Today is the six year anniversary of the sudden death of my sister’s husband too. Autumn is definitely not my favorite time of year.

From necessity, I discovered that when I retreat in silence and don’t update the blog or Pinterest or the Yahoo Group, things are relatively quiet. It has been helpful to just have to answer a few “urgent” questions in the past few weeks. It is nice to know I can do that in extraordinary circumstances, but I hope I never have another month like this one!


I am cleaning up my desk today and starting fresh, so please stay tuned for The Next New Thing.


I think it will be Hunter’s Star, okay? I have lots of designs like this variation to clean up. Three new shape collections were “almost finished” a month ago, so it shouldn’t take too long.

Maybe you didn’t even miss me, but this is to let you know we’re back!

Linda & Monkey

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18 thoughts on “October 2012”

  1. Dear Linda & Monkey,
    I think we all miss you when we don’t hear from you. But I hope us letting you know does not pressure you, or let that keep you from taking your time for yourself whenever necessary.
    I am sure we just want you to know we love it when we hear from you, and appreciate you always being around when you can.
    Love and Hugs,

  2. Yup, definitely missed you. Very glad to see you back. I assumed you had to be busy with family things, but the creeping ‘I hope she’s okay’ feeling was niggling me. Death is so painful! (Grieving sucks the creativity out of me.) I hope you are able to find projects that gently nurture you back into the swing of things. (Or we rabid Inklingoists may end up pounding on your door–but that might end up being a fun thing hey?)
    ~Jillian in North Dakota

  3. Of course we missed you! We are your quilting family, and we’ll always be here for you. Take the time you need to be present in those around you who need you most at this time. We will wait. We will sew. And we quilt comforting thoughts into the fabric of our lives for you and your family. <3 <3 <3

  4. I just want to add my voice to the others…I missed you too. Without question personal time with self and family comes first! It isn’t an option…it is a necessity.

  5. I was gone for 8 days this past month, got back on the 29th and the first thing I did was check my Inklingo file. Yes you were missed here too! Tomorrow is my birthday so maybe I’ll have to make one of the new collections my gift to myself! Here’s hoping your October starts off better.

  6. yes we missed you. It is lovely to have you back. Don’t pressure yourself about the new collections I can barely keep up with sewing the current collections. enjoy life.

  7. Missed you & Monkey…..but all of us have life, my September was in a busy month …..everything come and go in a breeze… I’m starting to sew again…Glad to see your post this morning!

  8. Missed you and was wondering where you were. Wish I had the Hunter’s Star collection back when I made the two quilts using the old fashioned methods. Good to have you back.

  9. Dearest Linda,
    You have been missed! As everyone has said take the time you need. We will all be here. I am still doing the Yin Yang wedding quilt, but….I LOVE Hunter’s Star.
    Take care of Linda and family.

  10. We sure did miss you but know there are other things in life requiring your attention. Glad to have you back but sorry for your loss. Sending good thoughts your way.

  11. Dear Linda, I am glad that your are back, even for me the month has been so busy that I didn’t noticed your were away so long.
    I am so sorry for your family lost, I know those anniversaries are painful.
    please receive my best thoughts!
    Marie from france

  12. You were missed very much, but as others have said you have to take time for yourself & family, just know that we will be here waiting in the wings. I always look forward to you blogs, but we must all have our alone time. My best to you and your family.

  13. I did miss you and Monkey too! Sorry for your troubles and I hope things get much better from now on. the Hunter’s Star is wonderful but take your time, you have much more pressing and important matters to attend to.

  14. Of course you were missed! Please don’t rush to turn out new collections – be good to yourself and take whatever time you need!
    Hunter’s Star is definitely appealing and will remain appealing, no matter when you are ready to release it. You and your family come first!

  15. Oh yes we missed you – glad to see you back and refreshed. Be kind to yourself – don’t stress about churning out patterns – many of us have more ideas and Inklingo patterns right now than we can complete in a lifetime! We can wait. That Hunter’s Star does look tempting 🙂

  16. Hi Linda and Monkey!

    So glad y’all are back. I was thinking maybe Quilt Market or a new collection had kept you from the internet, so sorry it was for difficult reasons. Sending hugs your way!!


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