A Teaser for Inklingo Hunter’s Star Quilts

We are having guests for dinner tonight. I should be setting the table or dusting something.

Last night Russ made his famous apple pie while I was cleaning up and dusting off some of my Hunter’s Star Designs.

I should probably have been cleaning up and dusting the dining room, but  I am determined to finish the 3 new Inklingo shape collections that were “almost finished” 5 weeks ago, before normal life was interrupted.

Head down, blinkers on. . .


. . . but then he tempts me. Oh, no! I can’t resist watching him with his brand new peeler toy. It worked really well. I foresee more apple pie going directly to my hips.

I did dust off a few Hunter’s Star designs, but our guests tonight are not quilters, so I’ll show them to you.


This design uses 2 sizes.


Hunter’s Star blocks are easy to sew, especially if you chain piece by machine. There are no inset seams. The combo layouts are awesome. The matching marks make it foolproof.


I am including a plain square in each Inklingo shape collection to multiply the design possibilities. This design does have inset seams, but even they are easy with Inklingo.

(Movie showing inset seams by machine)


I’ve done several color combinations with this layout.


The variations are endless.


Can you see why this block is sometimes called Arrowhead?

I have questions!

You may know that I have never announced what I am working on ahead of time. The next few days are very busy, so I don’t know how soon I can finish the shape collections for Hunter’s Star.

  • Is it frustrating to see the designs when the shapes are not available?
  • Is it nice to see what is coming next, or is it cruel?
  • Is a sneak peek good, or would you rather be surprised?
  • Were you hoping for something else?

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Linda & Monkey

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25 thoughts on “A Teaser for Inklingo Hunter’s Star Quilts”

  1. I love seeing what you are working on as it gets my creative juices running. And speaking of juices, if we order the new design do we also get a pie (or at least a piece)?????!!!!! Yummmmmmmmmmm.

  2. Now that pie looks so yumm-o! Hope Monkey managed to keep his little hands and teeth out of it before the guests arrived.
    I too enjoy the sneak peaks so sneak away!

  3. Oh I love to see what’s coming. We’re a friendly bunch so if a tease goes out and life gets in the way, we’re happy to dream away about colors and combinations until you have a few quiet moments to catch up. I have an apple pie that everyone raves about but glaze on your pie makes it even more tempting. Is that a secret?

  4. I enjoy seeing what is coming up. I’ve been battling a long term illness, and I love seeing what’s on it’s way. My imagine just soars as I see your different designs. The apple pie looked so yummy, it’s too bad you could’t include a piece with orders!

  5. Love sneak peaks ….don’t stop letting us all see what is coming. I do have one small issue…I can’t find the Apple Pie recipe??….lol

  6. Looks like everyone loves the sneak peaks. Me too! Now you just need a “pre-buy” button….. so it can be delivered to our account the very second it is finished! LOL! And I want some apple pie too…. can Russ bring some to Creative Festival?

  7. I like to see a sneak preview so you get excited about what’s to come, the only drawback is cleaning the drool off of the keyboard!

  8. The sneak peeks are fun. It’s nice to know what’s coming… nice to look forward to. Great designs, Linda!
    Hey, I want one of those peelers! Now that’s cool. Will Russ share his pie?
    Cyn; -)

  9. I love seeing what’s coming. Gives us a chance to select fabrics so we’re ready to print right away. And seeing the design ideas is a great stepping-off point — just adds more to the mix for our imaginations to play with.
    Makes me think of Inklingo like Apple — if you had Inklingo stores you’d have line-ups just like they do at Apple stores when new products are released!

  10. Can I place my order now?

    I have the apple peeler too. Like your house, Charlie does the cooking. Are we not the luckiest girls?



  11. The apple pie is awesome. I have an apple peeler like the one your husband is using. It is a great tool if there are a lot of apples to be peeled. I really like all of the designs, the Arrowhead is my favorite. Seeing what designs are coming up is not a tease. It gives me one more quilt to add to the bucket list.

  12. I love seeing what is coming up! Once I get back from this Q.O.V. retreat and finish this phase, I’m going to get started on my Jane Austen. However, this is very tempting! I also subscribe and love getting your pots that way. Gosh, nothing syas Fall like an apple pie and that one looks delicious! We have an apple peeler like this…Now to get it out and USE it! 🙂 A husband who bakes.. now that would be something! Lucky duck.

  13. Wow? I can’t wait! I too have stuff to do, but I am going to do a QOV quilt instead. The dust will still be there tomorrow!


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