Obsessed with Clamshell Quilts!

It’s summertime in Burlington. The sun is hot, hot, hot—and so are Clamshells!

After the 3 and 3.5 inch Inklingo Clamshell shapes were introduced, some quilters wanted the shapes to finish the edges too.*

They’re not just for edges either. This one is half Clamshells.
Does it look tilted to you, or is it the sun in my eyes?

Same shapes, but alternate blocks are made with the mirror image of the half Clamshell. Neat, eh? Imagine the possibilities with more than two fabrics!

The quarter Clamshell shapes are for the corners of a Clamshell quilt—or another fun block design.

If you’re staying inside where it’s cool, you can rotary cut and use your sewing machine for these curves, when everything is printed on the fabric with Inklingo,

Monkey is ready for a day at the shore, with his sun hat and sewing kit. (Yes, that is a ceramic clamshell box.) This is a great portable project too. You can cut with scissors when you’re on the go, and then zone out with a running stitch. Sometimes we just need the gentle rhythm of working with our hands.

She sews clamshells
by the seashore.
The shells she sews
are surely clamshells.
So if she sews shells,
on the seashore,
I’m sure she sews

I have never heard Monkey say that.

Linda & Monkey

PS Remember the Search feature at the top of the screen! You can find anything you want in the archives. We have written about Clamshells before, but not in poems.

*You asked for it. You got it. We told you we would move these shapes up the list if enough quilters requested them. Promise kept. It’s ready.

5 thoughts on “Obsessed with Clamshell Quilts!”

  1. Not into clamshells myself but…Monkey has the right idea with the nice hat to keep his face shaded and the adorable sewing kit! Just make sure if he goes to the beach not to misplace his kit in the other shells! LOL

  2. Hi Linda,
    Clamshells are such a big hit. I have a blogger that I follow in Australia and she is doing herself some, but not using inklingo. I sent her the information to have her check it out. Sounded like she was having problems with the way hers were going. Not sure.
    I will have to download this collection and get on board with my fellow clamshell friends:)
    Thank you !!


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