NEW Video Lessons!

Bonnie McCaffery of Dream Mountain Studios videotaped some footage for Inklingo this week.

It has been a very strange time for me. I prefer being behind the camera, but I love this photo taken by Russ, when Bonnie was connecting the mike. Notice the little pile of props and samples. We had a mountain of them.

Sewing curves with a running stitch is more fun with the stitching lines and matching marks printed on the fabric with Inklingo, and we love Clamshells.

This 30 second clip (no audio) is just a taste of coming attractions. There will be many short video lessons in the next few months. A 2 or 3 minute mini-vid can pack a lot of info, but we need a catchy name. Do you think we should call them “Inklingo 2 Go Lessons?” Inklingo-GO Lessons?”  “Lessons 2 Go?” Any suggestions?

Bonnie is full of energy and ideas, and it was great to work with her. She fell in love with Monkey. Russ took a few more photos that I will share here too.  Monkey says I am photogenic, and reminds me that photogenic means “you don’t look that good in person.” He keeps my feet on the ground.

We had the computers turned off most of the time, so the hum would not interfere with the audio. We are back to real life again (except for the mess). I will deal with the aftemath (props everywhere), and catch up eventually, but right now Monkey and I need a nap. Maybe there will be some name suggestions for us when we wake up.

Thank you, Bonnie!

Linda & Monkey

16 thoughts on “NEW Video Lessons!”

  1. Videos….just a minute or two long…how about “Monkey’s Minutes”? I know he is squealing with delight! Sandy in MD

  2. How about Stitching the Inklingo Way.
    I am with Monkey I like them all. Sure missed the audio on this little clip but know I have that to look forward to.
    Were you stitching without a thimble?
    Can’t wait for more to come,

  3. Okay, time for my daft idea 😉
    How about “GO INKLINGO lessons”
    I love your Clamshell video but you were right about it being a teaser ;)) Looking forward to seeing how you do more curved piecing 🙂

    hugs Elly

  4. So far, Monkey is intrigued by Inklings of Inklingo and Inklingo 101 and Inklingo to Go, and . . .
    He likes them all, so he’s not really any help at all, is he?
    An inkling can be a hint, inclination, or desire.
    BTW the little videos cover a wide variety of topics, not just Clamshell.
    I love all of these suggestions! Keep them coming, okay?

  5. What a great picture, Linda! And the video lesson looks so clear, I could swear I was doing the sewing (although my nails don’t look nearly as nice as yours).
    As far as names go, that’s a toughie. Here’s a couple:
    Think Inklingo!
    Inklingo Lingo Lessons

  6. Linda… Just watched the mini video. It’s been a while since I watched your DVD from QD, but this looks like it will be another fabulous hit!!!
    Oh… I like Inklingo to Go. Wait! Isn’t this video about Clamshells or is it Inklingo with special attention to Clamshells? What about “Clamshells to Go”??? or “Stitching Clamshells on the Run”??? “Clamshells by Inklingo”??? Another suggestion is “Quilting the easy way with Inklingo” or “Inklingo: Piecing the easy way”???
    Ok… that’s enough for me. 🙂
    I love what you’re doing, Linda! Can hardly wait for the video to be done and ready for us to get our hands on it!!!!!

  7. And then there’s: InklinGO with the GO in italics, which I can’t figure out how to do in this post : )


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