Quilts on the Half Shell

The new Inklingo Clamshell Edges shape collection announced yesterday has inspired Cathi in Toronto! She has already started a new quilt, and she is calling it Clams on the Half Shell. You can see her first block on the QuiltObsession blog, front and back, so you can see how beautifully it presses. (Be sure to click on her photos to see a larger view.)

The shapes were requested by Inklingoists who needed the partial Clamshells to finish the edges of their quilts, but the possibilities are endless, using these simple components with half Clamshells.

Here are just a few examples of the ways you can use these building blocks.


What is happening to my eyes?

Square blocks made up of 4 half Clamshells create the optical illusion.

Who said it had to be symmetrical?

Double take!

Making a point with curves!

These designs are the result of a quick stroll along the shore. There is an ocean of variations floating around in my head! How about you?

Monkey’s Thought for the Day  With the whole Clamshells, every edge is curved. With half Clamshells, the longest edge is straight and easy by machine, but the effect is curvaceous.

Don’t forget to check out Cathi’s blog. We can hardly wait to see what you do with these shapes!

Linda & Monkey

PS  Have you used the Search feature yet? You can find anything you want in the All About Inklingo archives. That’s straight. (Clamshells are curvy.)

4 thoughts on “Quilts on the Half Shell”

  1. Wow — I love the visual effects!! Mr. Q.O. is telling me I have to change the name of my quilt as the clams have spent years in therapy getting over hearing the phrase “clams on the half shell”! LOL


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