Monkey’s Tricycle Ride – Encore Performance

In 2005, we posted photos of Monkey’s Sunday morning tricycle ride through Naples Florida. It was mentioned recently in the Inklingo Yahoo group. We started to feel nostalgic and decided to give it an encore performance.

NOTE  To read the captions, you will need to close the pets thingy:


This is our first time using It was pretty easy but I spent a lot of time trying to remove the pets thingy. Does anyone know how to do that? (At least the ad is about Pets and this is a message about Monkey. It could be worse.) Or can you recommend another slide program than works on a self-hosted WordPress blog?

Rain is pouring down in Burlington right now. It is cosy inside, and good to think of sunshine and blue skies in Naples five winters ago. I hope you are enjoying good weather wherever you are.

Linda & Monkey

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PPS  To make this Inklingo-related, I’ll mention that Monkey is a hand piecing snob. If you have a basket on your bike, you can take your sewing along.

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  1. That’s a great idea about taking my sewing in my bike basket. I have a lovely wicker one made from a lady in North Carolina. I love it. Thanks for the tip!


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