My Life with Miss Marple

Miss Marple - It's the knitting that does it.

Everything I see and hear seems to have something to do with quilting.


Miss Marple - I'll start quilting when they invent Inklingo.

When I am drawing Inklingo shapes, it can be very repetitive and boring and my mind wanders.


Miss Marple - What this village needs is a quilt shop.

I wonder if there would be fewer murders if there were more quilters.


Miss Marple - I ran out of hexagons.

I sometimes put in a DVD to drown out the baseball in the background.


Miss Marple - Let's finish Bonnie's mystery quilt.

I absolutely love Joan Hickson as Miss Marple.


Miss Marple - Let's quilt instead.

I think Miss Marple must have been a quilter, don’t you?


Miss Marple - Color is my life.

There are more Miss Marple “quilting memes” on the Inklingo Facebook page.
I hope you like them.


Inklingo hexagons printed on fabric.

Do you ever wonder if Miss Marple and Lucy Boston ever met?


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5 thoughts on “My Life with Miss Marple”

  1. Hi Linda, you know me, love mysteries and especially love Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. The quilt theme captions are hysterical. They make me LOL every time I read them.

  2. Oh, thank you, for providing me with many laughs. I love Miss Marple and I should get some of her tapes to keep me happy while quilting. Thanks for sharing.


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