Inklingo Friends and Inklingo Stars

They’ve done it again! We’ve got double the trouble today!

Barb in Texas and Cathi in Ontario became close friends because of Inklingo. By close, I mean that they are in touch every day—at least once.

They sew together despite the 1400 miles between Fort Worth and Toronto.

When the new Inklingo Star shape collection was published, they decided they would blog simultaneously too.

Prepare to gasp with delight!


Barb's Inklingo Star

Yesterday, Barb posted the most amazing Inklingo Stars on her Just Sayin’ Sew blog. This is just one of them.


Cathi's Morse Star with Inklingo

And Cathi posted this Endeavour/Morse Star on Quilt Obsession—using the same shapes that Barb used.

They each have photos of MORE STARS so you will want to visit both blogs for the rest of the story!

We think you will love both of their blogs, especially if you look back at some of the other Inklingo projects they have sewn together far apart.

There’s nothing more to see here. LOL Go visit Cathi and Barb, okay?


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3 thoughts on “Inklingo Friends and Inklingo Stars”

  1. I laughed out loud when I read that Cathi and I were in contact at least once a day. Oh, if they only knew how many emails and texts fly back and forth from Fort Worth to Toronto every day, right Cath? LOL! Thank you, Linda for bringing me such a wonderful cyber-friend. If not for Inklingo, we wouldn’t even know each other at all!


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