My Clamshell Rose Sketchbook – Part 1

Inklingo Clamshell Rose templates

The shapes in the new Clamshell Rose shape collection create some elegant possibilities.


Clamshell Rose quilt templates

When I started playing with the melon shape, my sketchbook filled up quickly.

I can hardly wait to share them with you!


Clamshell Rose 8 inch block

Even the simplest 8 inch block has possibilities.

Two of these use the corner shape and two of these replace each corner with a melon and two “bottom half” clamshells.


Clamshell Rose Corners

Intriguing. I need to play with this.


Clamshell Rose 12 inch blocks

These are 12 inch blocks.


Clamshell template 4 inch

TIP Every Clamshell is 4 inches across and that makes it is easy to confirm the block size.


Clamshell Rose 16 inch block

These are 16 inch blocks.


Clamshell Rose melon shape

This 8 inch block doesn’t use a Clamshell at all! It is a mini Orange Peel.

(Other sizes of Orange Peel are available. Main Orange Peel Page.)


Clamshell Rose quilt examples

Orange-peel-y Clamshell Rose.

My sketchbook is filling up!


Clamshell Rose - Tudor RoseQuilt

This color variation of Clamshell Rose reminds me of Tudor Rose.


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These new shape collections are the result of requests from quilters. I respond to requests whenever possible—so. . . what would you like to see next?


Clamshell Rose Quilt


If you’ve been following Inklingo from the beginning, you know that each new shape collection is at a special low price for the first few days and that’s it. It works like a kind of loyalty program because existing Inklingo quilters are the most likely to hear about the new shapes first and get the lowest price.

I hope you enjoy playing with these shapes as much as I do and that you will come back to see more of the designs in my sketchbook!

Linda & Monkey


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13 thoughts on “My Clamshell Rose Sketchbook – Part 1”

  1. I am searching for construction instructions. I’ve got the pieces and trialed the curves, but haven’t seen anything on how to construct, how to press seams. Am I looking in the wrong places? Help please

  2. Hi Tamara,
    I’m glad you like them. I have fabric spread out all over the floor trying to make a decision on my next color combinations for these shapes. 🙂

  3. Hi Jeannette,
    I know you will do something wonderful with the shapes! I hope you will share photos again. You are making magic with the Clamshell 4-Patches!

  4. Thanks for sharing your Sketchbook with us, Linda. Great and intriguing designs….so many possibilities. Sorry I’ve been such a stranger lately. Am tied up with some family medical issues right now, but hopefully will be back in the “Inklingo” swing of things very soon. Your posts are such a beautiful diversion for me. I do so appreciate them. Thanks so much.

  5. Clamshell Rose is quickly becoming my new favourite Inklingo collection. The shapes make for some fantastic versatility when it comes to design possibilities. Now, if only I could teach the cats to sew so I could make everything I want to make as fast as possible!! The mini orange peel is very, very enticing!!


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