More Inklingo Fussy Cut Stars

Some quilters assume that you cannot fussy cut when you print the shapes on fabric with Inklingo.

We shared some great links about how to fussy cut with Inklingo recently, but here are a few more of my stars, just for emphasis.


Inklingo Stars - shapes are fussy cut

There are two videos on YouTube showing how I hand piece stars like these, but these stars can also be machine pieced, just like hexagons.

Inset or Y-seams are a breeze with Inklingo!


Inklingo Fussy Cut Star

It’s amazing to me how one fabric can look so different.


Inklingo Fussy Cut Stars

Our video tips for choosing fabric for Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC) are the same for diamonds.


Inklingo Fussy Cut Stars

I think I need something like a nicotine patch to break this addiction.


Print quilt shapes on fabric with Inklingo and your Inkjet.

Maybe a page of diamonds or a chocolate bar wrapper would do it?


Inklingo Fussy Cut Stars

Actually, skip the patch and hand over the chocolate. I don’t think I want this addiction to end.


Inklingo Fussy Cut Stars

Doesn’t this make you itch to stitch?

These pieced hexagons deserve a great setting, don’t you think?

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Sun is shining. Snow is melting. A great day ahead, including time to sew. Thanks for stopping by.

Linda & Monkey

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4 thoughts on “More Inklingo Fussy Cut Stars”

  1. I think I might have been with you when I bought that fabric, Mary! It has been in my stash for a very long time and I think I might have bought it from one of the vendors at the Naples Quilt Show. It has been waiting for a special project. Hugs,
    Linda & Monkey

  2. Linda, I love fussy cutting fabric and the fabulous designs it can create (stars, POTC, etc) and this is inspirational. Thank you.


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