TQPM, Inklingo, and Barb’s ClubEQ Challenge

This is your lucky day, and you don’t even have to be Irish!

You're in luckj!

Electric Quilt, TQPM (The Quilt Pattern Magazine) and Inklingo are all conspiring to help you make quilts you will love while you learn more about Inklingo and EQ.




I have written an article for TQPM which will appear in the magazine later this year. It’s about how I developed Inklingo and how it works.

In the meantime, thanks to the generosity of the magazine, I have several
free SIX-month subscriptions to TQPM to give away.

You could be a very lucky quilter! The odds couldn’t be better!


Reeze Hanson - Morning Glory Designs


Reeze Hanson of Morning Glory Designs is doing a series of Electric Quilt lessons for TQPM, so the prize subscriptions are especially useful to quilters who want to learn more about using EQ.

Reeze has several tutorials and EQ project files on her website too.



Monkey has devised two ways for you to receive a free trial subscription.

1. Entry in ClubEQ

Design a quilt using Inklingo Curved Shapes in EQ and submit it to ClubEQ by March 31 for the March ClubEQ Challenge.

When you submit your entry to the ClubEQ Challenge, please put Inklingo in the name. For example: Ìnklingo New York Beauty or Inklingo Double Wedding Ring.

Great tips for designing with Inklingo shapes in EQ.

Then, just email me to let me know that you have sent your project file to ClubEQ and you won’t have to wait to start enjoying the magazine.

By participating in ClubEQ, you will also receive project files for ALL of the other entries! You can’t lose!

2.  Comment on the blog

What if you don’t have EQ? You are still going to want a subscription to TQPM because there are great patterns and articles—and more coming about Inklingo too.

Leave a comment below. Several winners will be chosen by random drawing on April 1 from quilters who do not enter the ClubEQ Challenge. You are going to love the magazine too.


Do You EQ - ClubEQ

Barb Vlack`s ClubEQ Challenge

Barb’s latest challenge is perfect for Inklingo, so if you design a quilt for the challenge before March 31 and let me know, I will make sure you are one of the lucky new TQPM subscribers!

Design a quilt in EQ which uses Inklingo pieced curved shapes.


Inklingo Yin Yang

You don’t have to sew the quilt, just design it, so you might use shapes you have never considered sewing before.

However, Inklingo makes curved piecing so easy, you might end up sewing wonderful curving seams and loving it.



Your EQ Inklingo quilt does not have to be elaborate. It just has to use curved pieced shapes which are inklingoable.

You don’t have to be an EQ expert to enter a simple quilt. It’s easy, but there are at least 3 sources of inspiration.


EQ tab on All About Inklingo

1. Download Inklingo EQ Project Files for a fast start!

In honor of National Quilting Day, there is a new tab for EQ.

The page lists links to all of the free project files on the All About Inklingo blog.


Inspiration on YouTube

2. YouTube inspiration

There are several Inklingo videos on YouTube with examples of quilts designed with Inklingo shapes. They could inspire your entry for ClubEQ.


Winding Ways Design

3. Inklingo Design Books

There are also examples of quilt designs in the Inklingo Design Books. You can use one as your starting point.

Inklingo is on Facebook and Pinterest and we hope you will whisper info to your friends about the The Case of the Secret Garden (COTSG) mystery quilt too!

You can subscribe to the blog (top of right sidebar) so you don’t miss anything good.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Feeling lucky? Go check that list of Inklingo Shapes with Curves now, okay?

Electric Quilt and The Quilt Pattern Magazine have been good friends to Inklingo. Let’s let them know we appreciate it!

Monkey was going to write a limerick for today but he has been playing with EQ instead. This one is from Wikipedia:

The limerick packs laughs anatomical
In space that is quite economical.
But the good ones I’ve seen
So seldom are clean
And the clean ones so seldom are comical.

I think you will prefer the articles in TQPM.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, you lucky quilters!

Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

73 thoughts on “TQPM, Inklingo, and Barb’s ClubEQ Challenge”

  1. I would love a free 6mo. subscriptions. I have dn loaded the free shapes at Inklingo and am looking forward to trying them. I want to purchas the double wedding ring pattern and also the new one just out. Love it. Inklingo is a great idea and I look forward to working on printing the patterns on fabric.

  2. I love inklingo and the mystery quilt is fabulous. I am new to quilting and trying to learn all I can, but this makes it a breeze!

    Thanks for all you time and ideas!

  3. Hi Linda and Monkey

    I would love a copy of this magazine. I have been super busy and missed the first email’s regarding this magazine but I have printed a few shapes form Inklingo and I thought about making a hand pieced table runner but I also own EQ and took the Mystery Quilt and uploaded the fabrics that I want to use and played with placement this weekend and now I want to get started on it instead of the pieces that I have printed for my tablerunner.

    Love it and thanks Linda and Monkey

  4. This mystery quilt has been fascinating. It has inspired me to refresh my skills with EQ to try designing! I have been away from my EQ on the PC so will be working on it when I get home.
    Love this!

  5. I’ve really been enjoying the brillian invention of Inklingo. I had not done any quilting since scissors and cardboard. Almost as good as the invention of the internet!!!

  6. I had hoped to submit a design done in EQ but doesn’t look like I’m going to get that done. So I would love a chance at winning a subscription! You know I’m an Inklingo fanatic!

  7. I find when I see you in my inbox. I drop everything just to see what you are up to. you have some great ideas. I keep sending your news letter off to my quilting friends, then next week is quilt gild & I think I will take your web address with me I am sure others could use your site. thank you

  8. Fun Fun! I have not worked with EQ7 in awhile so I created borders for the COTSG Mystery and recolored the quilt. I think I had about 10 variations in my sketchbook before I settled on my favorite. I would love a subscription so I can learn more about EQ7.

  9. Hi Linda & Monkey. This sounds like it would be a fantastic magazine! I would love a subscription so I can learn more about EQ and about Inklingo. I have heard it mentioned before but don’t know much about it. I plan to join the website and learn as much as I can as I love to quilt.

  10. Hi Linda and Monkey! Having just discovered inklingo today through a comment from my eq yahoo group I am very excited! I have used triangulations and enjoyed that so am very happy to see a program that is so much more. If I had a better internet connection I would do more with eq lessons, as it is I will have to wait until I go into town to download the inklingo freebies to try and check out the other eq things. I would love to have the magazine so I could learn more!

  11. Hi Linda and Monkey! I’d love to win a subscription to the magazine. I have never seen this magazine. It is completely new to me and having the EQ lessons would be awesome….and even doubly cool because Reeze is teaching the EQ lessons! She was the first quilter I met when I moved to Kansas. She is awesome…I need the magazine’s for her to autograph! LOL

  12. I love the idea of inklingo and I do have EQ so I am just now trying to decide how to get started. I have downloaded the free items on the inklingo website and will try the tiny totes next week.

  13. WoW – Inklingo , my favorite, and EQ& and Quilt Patterns, what more could one ask for…. Thanks for all the fun and inspiration.. Love Inklingo and because I also love sewing by hand work, works fantastic.. Thanks.

  14. I would love to win a subscription to the magazine. I have been thinking about EQ but not sure I would use it ;. Would love some advise on the subject. Thanks

  15. Inklingo is fantastic… I made the Dear Jane quilt and the Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses quilt with the help of Inklingo shapes and it’s so much easier to work the materials so Thanks for all the patterns of wich I now have many sets. next is to begin the Secrets quilt. Am glad i found this site so long ago… Thanks for many hours of happy quilting and inspirations. SandyB


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