Modern Baby Needs a Quilt!

Quilted Diamonds

The new Inklingo shape collection for Quilted Diamonds was designed for quilters who have sewn diamonds from Quilted Diamonds or Quilted Diamonds 2 over the years and are looking for an easy way to set them.

What if what you really need today is a fast and easy baby quilt, by machine?


Quilted Diamonds setting shapes

This is not my suggestion for a fast and easy baby quilt but stay with me, okay?

An Inklingo shape collection for all of Quilted Diamonds is not feasible because there are hundreds of different shapes in the diamonds.

However, the setting shapes for Love & Friendship (above) are perfect for quilters who have hand pieced diamonds crying out for a setting and for grandmothers-to-be who have daughters crying out for a baby quilt.

In either case, the new Inklingo for QD shape collection is perfect.  It includes everything I need—sashing and cornerstones and plain diamonds.


Print on fabric with Inklingo

Print the shapes on fabric, cut and sew!

  • No need to make freezer paper templates
  • No need to mark pencil lines manually
  • Sew by machine.


Modern Baby Quilt

When a friend asked me for a design for a baby quilt recently, Quilted Diamonds was on my mind so this is the result.

Her daughter wants a baby quilt in black and white with a bit of pink and orange. This examples is 35 x 44 inches and meant for machine piecing with Inklingo.


Modern Baby Quilt

This example is about 45 x 61 inches and I eliminated the black. (This may mean I am not modern. LOL)

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  • Color variations, not necessarily for babies
  • Monkey’s Cheat Sheet
  • Counting the shapes
  • Yardage requirements
  • Worksheet to color
  • Assembly tips for machine piecing this design


I’ll keep the special sale price of $15 on the Inklingo for Quilted Diamonds shape collection for a few more days, okay? Main Quilted Diamonds Page

There are FAQ about Quilted Diamonds on the blog too.

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Linda & Monkey

New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

$10 Coupon!  8 Year Anniversary Special on the handbook

Inklingo for Beginners

25 Signs YOU are an Inklingo Quilter

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6 thoughts on “Modern Baby Needs a Quilt!”

  1. Super design! My eye sees a bit of appliqué in a few strategic diamonds…maybe Baby’s name or ABC, 123…I better go soak my head now! Linda, you always inspire me to fly. Thanks so much!

  2. Just love this sweet pattern …. and quite devastated to have just settled for a much less happy solution for what I fear is the last of my great niece/nephew’s arrival. Congratulations on your wonderful design sense. Regards Helen Hardie

  3. I love that the smaller size can be both useful for babies and quick to sew too. A few hand-pieced diamonds from QD2 would truly make it a special quilt though! 🙂

    Very pretty!

  4. I love this idea. It has so much potential. I look forward to more posts on this one. I have some fabric on order that may work with them. I may have to play around with this myself.


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