Maddy’s School House Quilt

Are you teaching someone to sew? These photos of Maddy, who is almost eleven, will inspire you!

When Maddy’s grandmother requested a School House for Inklingo, we listened, so she and Maddy were able to print the cutting and stitching lines on the fabric with the Inklingo School House Shape Collection and an ordinary Inkjet printer.

Maddy cut out all the pieces herself, following the lines printed on the fabric.

“She sewed the whole thing herself on my Janome 6600P and found it very easy.”

The sewing lines are printed too. Maddy sews along the lines.

All of the shapes are easy to print, and that frees you to modify anything you wish.

“We made the big window because she wanted a cat and a jug with flowers showing.”

The Inklingo Puzzle Page helps keep everything in order.

“She added a path and a pond with 3 frogs in it, a couple of chickens and some flowers, an apple tree, a bird on the roof, smoke out of the chimney, sewed on a button for the door and yellow one above the door for a light.”

“We backed all the cutout pieces with Appli-Kay Wonder and Maddy put each one where she wanted it and I did the ironing in place.”

Ta da!

“Maddy has a very bad cold at the moment and when I picked her up from home I didn’t think we were going to be doing any sewing but when she saw the house I’d made she was hooked. The whole process was great fun and we will be doing it again.”

“She was very impressed when I told her that you had put all this together for us and that you live in Canada. LOL Thank you once again, Linda and Monkey. Hugs From Maddy and Jeannette”

Thank YOU, Maddy and Jeannette. I am thrilled to see the photos, and to have your permission to show them here. You are an inspiration.


You can leave a comment OR tip for sewing with kids  HERE by Mother’s Day (8 May 2011) to be in the draw. See the other messages about School House too.

Please leave a comment for Maddy below this message. She is the future of quilting and an inspiration to me.

I think she has a very special grandmother too.

Linda & Monkey


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14 thoughts on “Maddy’s School House Quilt”

  1. Hi Maddy,

    What a special gift with your own personal additions on it. I am sure your Grandma will love it as I would – just wish I had a clever grandchild like yourself. I wish I had thought of asking Linda to do this for me when I was doing my sampler quilt. The house block completely defeated me and I left it out of my sampler altogether. Hope you put your name on it so that one day in the far distant
    future people will know you were only 11 when you made it.

  2. Maddy…I think your block is beautiful!!!!! What fun to quilt with your Gram! Keep up the good work. I especially love the way you added to the house with the flowers and all the rest!!

  3. Maddy, I love your block!!! You did a great job making it all your own. Isn’t quilting fun. 🙂 My Grandmother taught me to quilt, too!
    I can’t wait to see what you make next!!!

  4. Oh how beautiful! You have the BEST grandmother! I had a special grandma too and I called her Mimi. She spent hours with me, teaching me to sew, knit, crochet and many other things. You will always treasure your time with your Grandma. You will love sewing all your life because of it.

  5. Maddy, you did a great job making your house block! I know you and your Grandma had a good time with this project. We’ll look forward to seeing what you do next.

  6. Congratulations Maddy! What a wonderful little wall hanging. I love all the little details that you added – you made a plain block into something special. You must be so proud of yourself – I know your grandmother is! You are very creative – I look forward to seeing more of your sewing and quilting projects.

  7. Maddy your house block is wonderful! I love that you added things to make it totally your own like the pond, bird, etc.
    Lucky you to have a nice Grandma to sew with. Can’t wait to see what you create next! Congratulations on a beautiful little quilt.
    Cyn; -)
    in S. Calif, USA

  8. Maddy, your house is wonderful! I love the additions — the light above the door, the pond, everything! I can’t wait to see what you’ll make next!

  9. Maddy your house block is beautiful. I hope that you get the opportunity to make many more with your Grandma. The embellishing you did was terrific and makes the block very much your own.


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