School House in Electric Quilt


As soon as the new Inklingo School House Shapes were introduced, Anneke created School House quilt designs in Electric Quilt and put them on her Stof Genoeg blog.

She even added stars with the free shape collection!

Anneke’s Inklingo designs are red and white, inspired by the Infinite Variety Quilt Show in New York City. The stars are red too, and the quilts are fun. I think you will agree that her designs deserve a gold star!

Didn’t you love it when the teacher gave out stars?


Of course, your Inklingo Little Red School House doesn’t have to be red—or a school!

If you are sewing with your grandchild, it might be more fun to sew a Fire Hall, a Church, your house, or your cottage. There are more ideas in the Shape Collection, and tips for sewing with kids.

Monkey and I drew the Inklingo School House in Electric Quilt, so you can experiment with color in EQ7 before you print any fabric scraps. It is so easy that even a young child can keep clicking on the colors until it is just right.

Quiting looks more interesting to kids when it uses the computer too!


Download the EQ7 file here.
Put it in your Documents > My EQ7 > PJ7 folder so you can find it easily.

There are two variations in the PJ7 file, one regular, and one with a strip of ground below the house instead of sky above. Monkey says yellow sky makes it look like a sunny day.

The three ingenious Combo layouts in the new Inklingo School House Shape Collection make it easy to use scraps of three or more fabrics in each block.


Your homework is to leave a comment OR tip for sewing with kids  HERE by Mother’s Day (8 May 2011) to be in the draw.

You can also sign up to get an email whenever Anneke adds something new to Stof Genoeg. It is a very interesting site, mainly about Inklingo and Electric Quilt, and all of the messages are in Dutch and English.

This is the kind of homework you and your favorite pupil can have fun with together, don’t you think?

Linda & Monkey


New to Inklingo? Order and download free shapes and start sewing in the next few minutes. Quick Start  (Always FREE.) There are triangles, diamonds, and squares  in the free collection—great for dozens of different blocks.

4 thoughts on “School House in Electric Quilt”

  1. I’ve been playing with so many of the house blocks offerred in EQ7, as well as starting to draw my own. I’ve even started a block of the month with our guild. Can hardly wait to see what it will turn out like. Mostly been working in foundation piecing.

  2. Thank you, Linda & Monkey!

    What a lovely surprise when I woke up this morning! Now I have accurate EQ School House blocks! I downloaded the EQ7 file and saved the blocks in EQ7 to ‘My Libraries’. That way I can use them in any project. I have my own Library ‘Pieced blocks – Inklingoable’, where I collect just those.

  3. Very cool! It’s always nice to experiment with colors before building your schoolhouse. And now I can see, that if you flip around the chimney and connecting left and right “sky” strip, it can become grass and a “walk” for the door!
    Keep ’em coming! Thanks Anneke and Linda!


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