Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses in Houston!

Inklingo Patchwork of the Crosses by Fern in Singapore

Congratulations to Fern in Singapore!

Her stunning Patchwork of the Crosses has been selected by the jury as a finalist in the Houston Quilt Festival! She printed hexagons and other shapes on fabric with Inklingo.

The photographer did a wonderful job of capturing the beauty of this quilt too.


Inklingo Patchwork of the Crosses by Fern in Singapore

Wouldn’t you love to be in Houston this October, so you could see Fern’s stunning work in person?


Inklingo Patchwork of the Crosses by Fern in Singapore

I love everything about this quilt. Fern’s fabric choices are brilliant.

Lucy Boston would be proud!


Inklingo Patchwork of the Crosses by Fern in Singapore

Fern wrote:

I am such a convert to Inklingo.
It has transformed my life.
I cannot see myself doing EPP again.
Inklingo is better, more accurate, faster and you do not see the stitches too, so so much prettier!


Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (POTC)

Fern used Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses and . . .


Inklingo POTC hexagons to print on fabric with your Inkjet

. . . the optional 90° Hexagon 1 inch shape collection, so she could print the shapes on fabric with her ordinary Inkjet printer.

Inklingo allows quilters to be more creative and finish in a reasonable amount of time, whether they piece by hand or by machine. Spend your time choosing the right fabrics and sewing—not fiddling with templates, basting and whip-stitching!

Thank you, Fern, for your permission to announce this thrilling news.

I envy anyone who will be at the Houston Quilt Festival to meet Fern and see her masterpiece in person.


Inklingo Patchwork of the Crosses by Fern in Singapore


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I feel inspired to sew today, don’t you? Thank you, Fern!

Linda & Monkey

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19 thoughts on “Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses in Houston!”

  1. Fern,
    Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on Houston!!! Each and every block are just perfect. 🙂

  2. Thank you all for your kind and generous encouragement. This quilt would not have been possible without Inklingo so my heartfelt thanks go to Linda and Monkey. I will be traveling to Houston (all the way around the world for me!). See you there. Fern

  3. Congratulations go out to Fern, it’s beautiful! Great news for Inklingo too, I’ll bet more people will be curious and decide to check it ou!

  4. Anyone who. An look at this magnificent quilt and not have fingers itching for needle and thread is simply not a quilter. Fern truly deserves this honor. Thanks also to Linda for her work for all of us.

  5. WOW!!!!!
    Beautiful, I hope to make it this fall to Houston and will her looking for this fore sure. Congratulations.

    got in too much of a hurry and did not notice the mis-spelling.

  6. Have recently been pulling fabrics for a (potential) POTC and, in looking at my downloads, I see a description of a 3/4 ” Octagon that will fit with the 3/4″ POTC. Since I have the 1″ POTC is there an octagon that will fit with it? The closest I have found is the 1.03″ in the 6″ Castle Wall (which I own). Will that be suitable? or is the 0.03″ difference going to be noticeable?

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I have pinned several of Fern’s blocks. They are mesmerizing. Wish I were going to Houston this year. Good luck Fern!


  8. Congratulations! It is a work of art! I can’t wait to start on mine, but I a have a few quilts that I MUST finish first. I KNOW that once I start on the POTC, I will not do anything else!
    I am enjoying all the pictures in emails and on Pinterest.



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